By Asrad CG
First published in ORB, Yule 2257

I am delighted to once again report to our members that the Great Moot of the Odinic Rite was a complete success and considering the obstacles we faced in organising this years GM that was not always a certainty. After using the same venue for over 10 years we were forced to seek another venue. We have not been able to ascertain exactly why after using that venue without complaint for so long, we were denied our regular booking. We can only speculate as to why. The search for a new venue was not as smooth as one would hope for, after seemingly securing two venues and then to be later refused we eventually secured a venue which met our needs. And so despite these obstacles and problems on Saturday the 3rd Fogmoon members and friends of the Odinic Rite gathered in Central London and held the Odinic Rite’s Great Moot.

The day started a little late, not surprising when you put that many Odinists together in a hall, you’ll always struggle to stop them talking, but eventually folk settled down into their seats and so the GM started. Our first speaker was Eowyn OR who gave an extremely interesting talk entitled “Death: The Path to Vibrant Life”. The full transcript of this talk can be found within this issue of ORB so there is no need for me to cover this other than to say it was a deeply thought provoking talk.

Eowyn addresses the 2257 GM

Our next talk was presented by our comrade Arnbald OR, whom we had the good fortune to have with us for the first time since 2253re. We have missed Arnbald’s inspiring talks so it was wonderful to have him with us once again. Arnbald had chosen Baldur as his topic. We often talk about all manner of subjects relating to Odinism, but rarely do we

actually focus on one particular God or Goddesses, so Arnbald’s talk was most welcome. A full transcript of Arnald’s talk can be found within this issue of ORB.

In the past few years we have presented special awards to those members that have gone that extra mile in service of FFF and the Odinic Rite. This year the CG decided to award two people special awards, the first of these went to Lou Walters AOR. Lou has been a true stalwart in every sense of the word. He has created more hearths than anyone else we know and his dedication to the cause is truly admirable, and even more so as Lou is a prisoner within the US prison system. His determined and persistent nature has lead the authorities moving Lou several times over the past few years, and each time Lou has built an Odinic community.

We Hail our Odinic comrade Lou Walters and the Blod Tru Hearths.

The second of our awards went to one of our younger members. Astrid Metzger of Donar’s Hearth OR is the OR’s youth co-ordinator. She has stepped forward and taken up the challenge of running our youth section, which whilst it is still in its early stages it is already showing great potential and is a vital part of the OR’s structure, our very future. Astrid was presented a silver dragon triskel pendant. Lou will be receiving a certificate from the CG in recognition of his dedication to FFF.

After the lunch time break the afternoon session saw a martial arts demonstration from Tyrsson OR and talks from our Vinland stalwart’s Asrekyr and Hyndla OR.

Tyrsson treated us to a demonstration of some basic, but very useful skills involving the use of a walking stick, which can be used legally unlike most martial arts weapons! His victim, sorry assistant, was the wonderful Einulf AOR, who gallantly suffered several accidental blows, well that is what Tyrsson said, but was otherwise unharmed. On a serious note this was a very practical demonstration of skills which could benefit our folk in times of need. Unfortunately time did not allow Tyrsson to expand on his demonstration further, much to Einnulf’s relief! Tyrsson also mentioned future plans for the Fyrd and for the UK team Fyrd, which lead nicely onto our next talk from Asrekyr.

Asrekyr spoke with great pride of the Team Fyrd activities of which we have mentioned in past issues of ORB. Hyndla (Kathy to those not familiar with her new Odinist name) gave an excellent talk entitled “Hierarchy of Need” And this can be found within this issue of ORB.

The Auction was a great success once again raising valuable funds for the Rite and big thanks goes out to those that kindly donated items for auction and a very big thank you to those present for digging very deep to raise much needed funds for the Rite. We did miss our cheeky market trader Simon, who does such a good job with the auction normally, but unfortunately he could not be with us at the GM this year, but Hengest’s natural auctioneer’s ability shone through and he managed to obtain a good price for all the items thanks to the generosity of the members.

After a short break it was my time to speak and rather than me repeat it here I have adapted it and presented it in ORB, Positive Energy.

Heimgest was the last to address the GM, and he did so with his usual stirring and inspiring manner. No one could have been left in any doubt that Heimgest truly believes that the Odinic Rite is the premier Odinist organisation, which of course we are!

After the talks and demonstrations it was time to prepare for the most important part of the day, the GM Blot. This was the third and closing Blot of the three phases which started in 2255. GM blots have a special energy to them which cannot be explained adequately, they really do need to be experienced to appreciate the energy. It was wonderful to see the number of people that had brought soil from their homelands, hearth sites and special sites to place in the trygil in a symbolic ritual of unification of our Odal lands, united as one nation, Odin’s Holy Nation, our first nation. An awesome Blot brought an end to an awesome Great Moot.

The Sumbel this year also had a new venue which offered us more room than some previous venues and there were no complaints about the beer or the prices which were I admit remarkably reasonable for London. The food was reasonable as well, though not fully to my taste, but considering the number of confirmed attendees was considerably less than the eventual numbers it was hard to judge just how many to cater for, so next year we will insist that tickets are paid for in advance. The evening was filled with laughter, chat and good camaraderie. All too sadly it was time to depart and this did take some considerable time, with countless farewells, hugs and handshakes.

So another GM has passed, and whilst I am biased I do believe it was a wonderful day. A day in which we came together as Odinists, united as one folk, one nation. An Odinic nation, Odin’s Holy Nation. Long May we continue and here’s to a very bright and prosperous future.

Eowyn OR presents Hyndla with her torc

Professions & Rituals

This year has seen a flurry of professions both in the UK and Vinland. On the Sunday after the GM some members gathered at the White Horse Stone in Kent to profess our sister Hyndla into the Odinic Rite. Eowyn ably conducted the profession on a cold but dry evening. It was an honour and a privilege to be present at Hyndla’s profession. I can think of few people that are as inspiring as Hyndla so it was very pleasing to see her take the oath of profession. We spent sometime afterwards talking around the fire and savouring the moment before we made our way to the Little Gem, the smallest pub in Kent, and possibly one of the oldest, being over 500 years old.

The following day we once again gathered at the White Horse Stone, but this time it was to conduct the profession of Drogbjeorn (Don) our comrade from Vinland. Tyrsson had brought both Drogbeorn and Durwyn down from North London as unfortunately for us they both had to be back at Stanstead airport later that afternoon

This time the profession was conducted by Hengest. After the profession we also placed soil which we had symbolically placed in the trygil during the GM blot at the WHS, thus uniting our Odal lands in a symbolic act of union.

We said our farewells to Drogbeorn, Durwyn and Tyrsson then headed off for a spot of lunch at a country pub where we introduced our Vinland comrades to suet pudding, though Astrid was rather less willing to sample the delights of English pub food and settled for a pizza!

At the White Horse Stone following Drogbeorn’s profession

After a delightful lunch we headed off to the Coldrum Long barrow, a magnificent Neolithic chamber where we conducted a short soil ritual. Hyndla kindly placed the soil at the site for us. The Coldrum’s entrance, though the chamber itself has completely collapsed, faces toward the White Horse Stone. Though we are not aware that this is an energy line, it certainly appears to be a Ley line.

We left the Coldrum and headed back towards another ancient monument near the White Horse Stone called Kits Coty. This site is what remains of another ancient burial chamber. Unfortunately this site is fenced off in order to prevent further damage to it. It is a powerful site, but not as majestic as the Coldrum Long Barrow or as powerful as the White Horse Stone.

All too soon it was time to say good bye, Heimgest, Eowyn and Arnbald were all heading off home the next morning. The good byes took a long time to say, no-one wanting this time of friendship and companionship to end so soon, but as the saying goes “all good things must come to an end”, let us hope that we can unite once again in the near future.

In closing this brief report I would just like to thank everyone that attended and helped out in various ways over the weekend. Without you, the members, there would be no Great Moot. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Hael the High Ones!

Hael FFF!

Hael the Rite!

A special thanks to our brothers and sisters from Comunita Odinista for being with us once again. True friends and comrades.

The following comments have been taken from the OR’s members forum

“Feeling hugely energised (as usual) following the GM. I really enjoyed seeing everyone again and am only sorry that we didn’t get to the social. Thank you to Asrad and the team for their extremely hard work in organising the event. I am saving up for next year already.”  Aeswyn OR

“Clif and I had a blast. The GM was very wonderful and the Blot/Profession at the WHS was just as energizing, I am just sad it had to end so we could catch the Buddy Holly special to Paris (there is a man on the wing!!!!!!!!!).” Drogbeorn OR

“I just wanted to personally thank everyone for the hospitality’s many of you went out of your way. It is always empowering to go to the GM not just the GM itself but the whole thing is such an outpouring of positive energy! Just being around so many brother and sisters, at one time when at best most of us only ever get to be with a few, is awesome in the truest since of the word. “

Durwyn OR

“The GM was great!
Many thanks to all who worked for this success and to all who took part and made it a success”.  Guntram AOR (Germany)

“I have just returned from the G.M. and have to say it was brilliant, a resounding success . A big thanks to Tyrsson for going out of his way in looking after Johnny and myself (amongst others).
Although I do recognize the hard work that people put in on behalf of the OR, when you attend the G.M it makes you realize just how dedicated and hard working some of our folk are. Those people are an inspiration and I hail them all.
Finally although really rewarding, it was a long day and the room was hot and stuffy, which is testament to the speakers of the day, who kept me enthralled, Hail to you. A special blot was the icing on the cake and fine social afterwards capped it all.

“It was truly excellent to return to my homeland and to meet with friends and comrades, both old and new from all corners of the world and to partake of another great Great Moot- truly a real success in all ways. I was especially honoured and privileged to conduct the profession for Kathy, now known as Hyndla, the following day at the WHS. Words simply cannot express the awesome meaning this occasion held for me.“  Eowyn OR