The Cycles of Time

By Heimgest DGC

Currently, most people (especially in the ‘Western World’) think of ‘time’ as being linear. As a natural consequence of this thinking, the commonly held view of mankind’s evolution is also linear. Thus it is held that human evolution has been an uninterrupted advance from ape to modem man.

Scientific research and archaeological discoveries have been used to ‘prove’ this theory. On closer inspection of such findings, one soon sees that often such research etc. is made to fit the already conceived notion. Of course, many findings from around the globe completely oppose this neatly packaged linear theory. Evidence of advanced civilisations flourishing long before they were ‘meant to’ (according to linear theory) challenges this dramatically. In such instances, all the linear theorists can do is call them ‘mysteries’ and ‘unexplained’. In fact, when the true nature of time and, and thereby evolution, is understood, these ‘mysteries’ are not mysteries at all, and totally explainable.

While some scientific research does now challenge the linear stance, so far it has not (openly at least) attained the wisdom comprehended by the ancients. They knew that time and evolution were cyclical. Now, this of course, is a vast and complex subject, and this article can only present a very basic outline of it, but those who work for the New Awakening should acquaint themselves with it. All things move in cycles, and thus we can realise that the Earth and all its life forms journey through great spirals. There are ascendant cycles where humanity evolves upward to higher states, and descending cycles where humanity devolves to lower states.

During the ascending cycles, mankind rises towards enlightenment. At its apex the ego is transcended and some evolve beyond the need for material technology. Conversely, at the nadir of the descending cycles, true idealism is lost, the ego-consciousness is dominant and gross materialism holds sway over the bulk of humanity. The essential truths of time, matter and creation are lost. In fact, such essential truths are held to be heresy and persecuted.

We all know the ferocious suppression of truths form past centuries, the book burnings etc. Neither are we free from that today, truths are often jealously guarded, ruthlessly suppressed or held to ridicule. These strategies are still effective today. However, the ancient essential wisdom cannot be eradicated, and this knowledge can still be found in texts from the great eld which survived destruction.

Probably the most easily accessible of these texts are the ones preserved in the India sub-continent, and first set down by our ancient Indo-European ancestors who then inhabited those lands. These writings talk of the Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwarpara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. The writings of the ancient Greeks call them the Golden Age, the silver Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age; and in the few texts which have survived in Northern Europe, they are referred to as the Axe Age, the Sword Age, the Wind age, and the Wolf Age. Because it has been in the ‘West’ that the persecution of knowledge and the concept of ‘linear time’ have been most prevalent, such texts are far fewer and more deeply hidden – but they exist and are again being re-discovered.

These great Ages, these cycles, are in some way comparable to the night and day we all experience during the 24-hour period of our ‘day’. They also have an ascending period (or arc) as we move from the dark of Winter to the light of Summer, and a corresponding descending arc, as we move from Summer to the dark of Winter. The number 24 (the number of hours in a day/night period) is important, for the ancients calculated a complete time cycle as being 24,000 years. They further calculated the length of each of the sub-cycles, or ‘Ages’, so that the Axe Age/Golden Age or Satya Yuga lasts for 4,800 years, the Sword Age lasts for 3,600 years, the Wind Age for 2,400 years, and the Wolf Age 1,200. We can also see how the number of runes in the Elder Germanic Futhark row corresponds to the number of millennia in the Great Cycle; both being 24. As on one level the runes can be seen as an evolutionary path, this may not be surprising. However, this article is not overly concerned with runes or numbers.

So now we shall consider how this Great Cycle comes about. Just as all the planets in our Solar System revolve around the sun (in Earth’s ease giving us our night/day. Summer /Winter) so our Sun itself travels a vast orbit around another ‘Sun’ in our Galaxy. This other ‘Sun’ is sometimes called its ‘sister’, ‘dual’, or ‘twin’. This ‘Sister Sun’ acts as the central point of our Galaxy, just as our Sun is the centre of our Solar system. Just as the Earth’s orbit about the Sun (1 year) alters Earth’s distance from the Sun, giving us our seasons, so the Sun’s Great Orbit alters its (and thereby Earth’s) proximity to the centre of our Galaxy, likewise creating the ‘Great Seasons’ or Ages. The ancients knew and understood this.

At this Galactic Centre the creative energy of existence is extremely concentrated. Some will call it the Godhead, others the seat of Multiversal Creative Consciousness. The name is largely unimportant, and more a personal matter. However, what is important is that the proximity to this energy centre has a great influence on the evolution of humanity. When our Sun (and this Earth) is closest to this centre, then the Axe Ages or Golden Ages arise. Humanity experiences a high development mentally and physically. Human life span is far longer and the mental development is such that the true nature of existence is understood. A ‘Great Summer’ is reached, but just as with our ‘small’ seasons, from this apex begins a descending arc (of 12,000 years) as the Solar System begins moving away from this Great Centre. Gradually humanity devolves, losing the enlightened state, until at its furthest from the Galactic Centre we are at the nadir of a ‘Great Winter’ or dark age (Wolf Age). But from this low point, our Solar System begins a new ascending arc (of 12,000) years.

Both these arcs bring great changes in the evolution/devolution of humans and Earth herself. Great climatic and geographical changes occur. These are often recorded and come to us as legends and myths from the far past. Myths of lost continents and civilisations, of floods and earthquakes and vast eruptions are the records of such changes.

It will help now to consider briefly the main characteristics of each ‘Age’. In the Wolf age, the bulk of humanity has degenerated to a point where mental understanding of existence is limited to the most basic material level; the solid form. Purely physical means are used to manipulate this matter; brute force. The ego consciousness is dominant. Life spans are shorter and life itself is harsh, frequently violent and brutish. Idealism is at a low ebb. Religion tends to be ignorant and riddled with superstition.

The Wind Age is a time when humanity begins to grow. During such Ages returns the understanding that matter is energy. Electrical, magnetic, and atomic energies begin to be understood and utilised. There is rapid technological advance as this understanding unfolds. Life spans increase, and though it is still very much an age of materialism, true idealism and the rising above ego-consciousness grows. In many ways it can be viewed as a period where the dark and material Ages gradually give way to the dawn of a spiritual Age.

It is the coming of the Sword Age which marks the dawn of these spiritual Ages. Humans (or some of them) gain a deeper comprehension of energy and the flows of energy. Life span again increases and the physical body is also elevated. Matter/energy are understood as consciousness. The ego-consciousness is lessened and a truer, purer ‘idealism’ (for want of a better word) flourishes. The need for ‘physical’ technology is also lessened, and enlightenment’s illuminating and nourishing rays disperse much dark of ignorance.

Such upward evolution continues as the Earth continues her journey round the Galactic Centre, until we enter the Axe Age. The Golden Age. During this Age some of humanity reach the completion of earthly evolution. The true and essential nature of existence is understood. Physical life span is greatly increased, and ego-consciousness is transcended. Mankind exists in harmony with the creative force of existence, is conscious of their ‘oneness’ with all. The great apex of evolution is reached and frilly comprehending and consciously experiencing the essential truth of ‘being’; physical technologies are transcended.

From this high point, Earth begins a new descending cycle, and begins to degenerate again. These then are the time cycles and the cycles of evolution/devolution. It has been calculated that the height of the last Axe/Golden Age was around 11,000 BCE. Such records that survive (and that we can recognise) are testimony to the advanced civilisations that existed – the ‘unexplained’ structures which are found across the globe, constructed in ways which still baffle scientists and archaeologists of today. Newer structures and evidence of old civilisations also show the devolution from this great high point. We can also see how the most ancient civilisations that we know of lasted the longest time. Some existed for thousands of years, until the effects of the descending arc began to erode them. Ego-consciousness began to dominate again, decadency, self-gratification, became prevalent, and each successive civilisation succumbed more and more to the devolutionary influences. The life span of the inhabitants also began to diminish along with their mental capacities. Civilisations did not last as long.

The downward arc continued and by the middle of the last descending Wind Age (or Bronze Age), the mental faculties of humanity had eroded to the point where written records (such as calendars) were now needed. This is the main reason that the earliest calendars we know of, the Indo-European, the Mayan, and others, all date from around 3,100 BCE. This date marks the start of the last descending Wind Age. As this descending Age continued, we can see how the ego-consciousness again became dominant in the bulk of humanity, and essentially ego-consciously driven empires emerged. Destructive, greed driven wars were waged. Factional fighting erupted from within civilisations. Religions riddled with intolerance and nonsensical superstition arose. Ancient wisdoms were lost, and self-seeking dogmas replaced them. This devolution continued until the descending Wolf Age was entered.

The nadir of this has been calculated to have come around 500 CE, and we can see that this was a ‘low point’. Life spans were short and life itself brutal and a constant physical struggle. Constant warfare racked societies and religions in general became instruments of oppression. Ego-consciousness predominated. Disease was rampant. True wisdom and knowledge was persecuted, as was expression of freedom. Gross material understanding prevailed.

However, from this nadir the Sun and this Earth, the Solar System, began the upward arc once more. The ascending wolf age was entered and mental prowess began to grow again. Entry into the ascending Wind Age was heralded by what we term the ‘Renaissance period’. We can see how technological development has arisen. The ‘laws’ of gravity were re-discovered; magnetism, steam-power, electricity etc. Within our own lifetimes we have witnessed the rapid advance of technology and the realisation that the ancients were indeed very advanced.

Now today we are approximately 400 years into the ascending Wind Age. However, we should also realise that our development, or destiny, as some might say, is not entirely moulded by the movements of the Solar System. Mankind does have a Will, and thus can influence things for good or ill – enlightenment or ignorance. We find our Age still immersed in ignorance and degeneracy. Ego still dominates, materialism is still dominant. Truths are still suppressed, and idealism and the speaking of truths still persecuted. We have, if you like, gone somewhat off course, and while certain technological advances are in keeping with the upward movement, often they are utilised only for base reasons.

Exactly why we are ‘delayed’ in evolution is a subject for debate and speculation (if you have the time) but more importantly, we as individuals can help to rectify this. If we strive for our own personal higher development and expanded awareness, then we will influence the ‘Greater All’. By elevating our own ‘energy’ we will increase the flow of ascending energy. If we can strive to transcend our own ego, we will lessen the prevalent ego-conscious energy which still dominates our Age. This is far from easy. It takes enormous discipline and ‘sacrifice’, and it is a constant struggle. But by at least constantly striving for this, by being constantly mindful of our thoughts (which are energy), words and deeds, we can begin. If we at least strive to attune to the Woden consciousness, the ‘God’ consciousness, we can begin.

We may talk of a revolution, but let us realise that our first revolution must be within ourselves – to overthrow the darkness of ego/ignorance.

We work for a New Awakening, and we will bring that by first bringing about a New Awakening in ourselves. Whatever the foes outside ourselves, whatever ‘giants’ exist externally, our biggest ‘jailer’ is our own ego-consciousness. To transcend that is liberation.