Project: Odin

OR Media is preparing to breathe life into a brand new music album with a working title of ‘Project: Odin’.

The success of OR Media’s previous albums proved that members and friends of the Odinic Rite have the talent and the determination to create, complete and submit tracks from a variety of musical genres and in keeping with the Odinic pantheon.

Project: Odin aims to focus artists’ song creation on a single deity yet retains the capacity to evolve this idea using the immense landscape of our mythology and our own contemporary imagination.

Artists should note the following: the word ‘Odin’ must not be used in your track title, lest we end up with 15 to 20 tracks all with a similar name. All contributions must be original and you must own the copyright. Any profit from the sale of the album will go to the Odinic Rite. It is expected that the finished album will be available for download from iTunes/Amazon/Payloadz.

Tracks can be of any acceptable genre and past tracks have included folk, metal, instrumental pieces, poetry with musical accompaniment, computer-generated tracks and much more.

The success or failure of this latest project is up to you. Consider Odin in all his guises along with the mythology which surrounds him and bring your idea into being.

A new deadline for track submissions is the beginning of October 2013. If you plan on submitting a track or need to ask any questions, please contact me using the email address below.

This project is open as usual to members and friends of the Odinic Rite. New artists are always welcome.

Redwald OR

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