The Kidnapping of Idunna Part 2: Idunna's Golden Apples

Conclusion of myth of the kidnapping of Idunna as told by Thorfinn AOR.

The Kidnapping of Idunna Part 1: Loki's Tricks Turn Nasty

The story of the kidnapping of Idunna as retold by Thorfinn AOR.

Online Interactive Jig Saw Puzzle: Heimdall

An interactive online jigsaw puzzle of Emil Doepler's painting of Heimdall. You must have Java to play. Have fun!

Online Jig Saw Puzzle: Thor

Brand New! Interactive online jig saw puzzle of Thor! Enjoy!

The Wall of Asgard

The myth concerning the building of Asgard's wall as retold by Thorfinn AOR.

The Creation

The creation myth retold by Thorfinn AOR.

All About Bees!

An article about the many different types of bees and their many benefits. Written by Bethany McFarland.

Apple Tart Recipe to Cook with Your Children

Acorn Hollow is about education in all areas of life. One of the Nine Noble Virtues is Self Reliance and one part of taking care of one's self is knowing how to provide and cook meals. Seb AOR has sent Acorn Hollow a child friendly recipe along with pictures that he has made with his own lovely daughter.

Traces of the Odinic in the “God” of Beowulf

An excellent article by Jim S. AOR on teaching children about our faith, heritage and history through the traces that can be found within our lore.

About AH Games

Games provide an atmosphere of passive learning. A good education incorporates both passive and active learning.Some OR kids playing Kubb at the ORV Summer Moot 2009 Active learning is where the mind is aware of the information and incorporates it through a systematic fashion. Passive learning is more relaxed and often involves using actively learned information immediately.