Ostara Tulip Coloring Page

Printable tulip coloring page suitable for all ages with text from The Odinic Rite Book of Blotar Ostara Summer Finding Blot.

Ostara: Dot to Dot

Draw a line from one number to the next in numerical order to reveal the hidden Ostara oriented picture!

The Purity of Youth

For the home educator, making one’s home into a green house is a lesson in ecology. Fostering the natural activist in your child will ensure a brighter, greener future.

Folk Tale Herb and Spice Garden

Help children to learn about herbs whilst also teaching them great folk stories.

Lessons in the Garden

One of the best ways to teach children any lesson is hands-on teaching! Gardening is one of those fun ways to learn about Nature and Self-Reliance. Gardening teaches children how our food is grown, how we depend on Nature for nutrition and how we are intimately tied to Nature.

Implementing A Nature Study

One of the most effective ways we found to implement a good science curriculum is through "A Nature Study". This was how our 4 H class studied many different animals, organisms, plants, minerals, etc...

Nurturing through Nature: Natural Dyes

Before there were chemical dyes, people had to make their own dyes from plant materials. The pioneers and ancient Scots used the nature around them to create beautiful quilts and tartans with only plants and trees.

Adventures in Backyard Archeology

What child doesn't like a trip to the museum? Glimpsing at other times and civilizations. Wondering what it would be like to walk with the dinosaurs whose bones tower high above. Maybe imagining you' re an archeologist, holding in your own hands something that lived millions of years ago.........

Teaching Great Literature

For those unfamiliar with the classical method, the Great Conversation is the social interaction that educated individuals enjoy. These Folk discuss social, political, religious, etc… ideas from a historical, literary, and logical standpoint.

Who were the Northmen?

The Northern Folk started out as hunters and gatherers on the Scandinavian Peninsula. They didn’t live in homes and they only ate what they could find in the forest, like berries and herbs. They also hunted for animals to eat like reindeer, wild boar, and rabbits.

From whence did the Northern Folk come?

The Northmen were a strong industrious people that came from Scandinavia and the Germanic Continent. They traveled all over the world and influenced many nation’s cultures and traditions.