Implementing A Nature Study

One of the most effective ways we found to implement a good science curriculum is through “A Nature Study”. This was how our 4 H class studied many different animals, organisms, plants, minerals, etc…

Every week the child chose two animals, et al to study. The homework consisted of looking up the animal, providing a picture, either hand drawn, photograph, etc…, giving its scientific name, habitat, life cycle, uses (such as a dog for protection, companionship, hunting, etc…), features (such as average size, mammal?, endangered?, etc…), why chosen, and “did you know” facts.

The child was to present its two studies to the class. We found this so effective that we are incorporating it into our home school. The only changes made to the class setting was that the presentation was given to the parent-teacher and the home school class.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this type of science. They were able to choose what animal they wanted to study and they were able to get positive reinforcement from their peers and educators.

This type of study covers many subjects such as research, analysis, interpretation, art, public speaking, and, of course, science. For those following the classical method, it is suggested that a certain formula is followed for the study of Natural Science. Still follow that schedule (Animals, Human Body, etc…) but use the above method to do reports.

Attached is a worksheet that can assist the parent in creating a wonderful report on the animals (or any type of study). Feel free to also add an addition “Experiment” page outlining the hypothesis, research, experiment, and findings of a scientific experiment. Also, file in a binder or file for the child’s permanent record!

Good Luck! If anyone has any questions, we look forward to hearing and answering them!

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