Wyrd in the Night Sky

By Arinbjorn OR

Wyrd is a subject that comes up often and is largely understood by most, confuses some, and is completely grasped by none. I have always had a fair grasp on Wyrd myself, but one night, while gazing at the stars, I had a realization that might help some.

I am lucky enough to live in a small town that does not put up too much light pollution and on a clear night one can see a sky full of bright, twinkling stars. One of my favorite pastimes is to sit at night and just stare at them as I am sure our ancestors have since the first washed up on that sandy beach at the feet of the High Ones. So much wisdom is held in that sky; it helped bards and skalds to illustrate their stories, guided roving bands of miscreants and weary merchants; to science, it holds the keys to our existence, and it has beared witness to the best and purest love as well as the vile and treacherous. If walls could talk, the stars would sing a thousand songs.

As I gaze upward at the brilliance of the starry spectacle, I often consider the age of those celestial bodies, and my own blink of existence compared to them.

And then it hit me one night, that I was experiencing first hand a concept of Wyrd that sometime escapes us.

I was becoming apart of a million and one ripples in Wyrd, some a matter of minutes old others beyond measure, all converging at a single point, for me to witness.

To think that a split second flicker of light on the surface of a star, some million years ago, traveled, unnoticed for all this time, the vast distances to our tiny rock, to inspire a thought within me…Surely nothing but Wyrd.

And what of the same star today…Is it still burning? Has it died, or collapsed? I won’t know for another million years.

But what I do know is the lesson that its light can teach us; That a split second of action carries across the universe, and indeed the multi-verse for eons, and despite its seeming inconsequence, may just have a profound effect on something or someone. Thus even our slightest actions carry forward beyond our scope.

Good or bad, right or wrong, they shall supersede us, and resonate after we pass, like starlight, millions of years old lights our night sky.

So let’s all be mindful of our actions, and make sure they are right ones.

Hail The High Ones!
Hail The Disis of the Night!
Hail The Norns and the Wyrd They Weave
Hail the Rite