Water of Life

Men do not die, they kill themselves ~ Seneca, Greek Philosopher

Would you drink this cocktail?

Chlorine, Fluoride, MTBE (clean air additive to gasoline), Benzene, Arsenic , Lead, cadmium, aluminum, copper, trihalomethanes, calcium carbonate (lime), chloroform.

No?  We do everyday. These are the constituents in our everyday drinking water.  Water is the most abundant resource on our planet. It comprises anywhere from 70 to 85% of our body.  Also, 87% of plants are water.Yet, as vital as water is, it is also one of our most polluted resources. There is only about 3% drinkable water and even less that is actually healthy to drink! In the following, we will discover this amazing substance and ways to live the healthy lifestyle, which starts with clean, pure water.

Essential Water

Water is essential to all bodily functions. All of the major organs are mostly contain water.  For instance:

  • 80% brain
  • 82% kidneys
  • 90% blood
  • 75% muscle
  • 13% bone

When the body becomes dehydrated, water is sucked from the organs to maintain body operations.  As one drinks water, it dilutes and washes away toxins, facilitates food digestion and absorption, and energizes cells for regeneration. When clean, organic, fresh water is consumed, it is the ultimate detoxifier.

Not only is water needed for animal life, but plants also need clean water to grow.  Plants take inorganic materials in the ground and convert them into usable, edible organic minerals.  Without this vital function, we would not be able to get the minerals we need to live!  Plants require clean, fresh water free from pesticides, herbicides, etc.to properly produce living organic, healthy food for human/animal consumption.

Inorganic vs. Organic minerals

It is popular lore that a person can get his or her essential minerals from taking vitamins/supplements or drinking mineral water.  Unfortunately, we are not told that these minerals are inorganic, hence indigestible.   It is often purported that 80% of vitamins are not absorbed into one’s system and get excreted, but this is only partially true.  Many of the minerals in vitamins deposit on arteries, joints, and even the nervous system!  The only vitamins that are “safe” are those from whole food products.  This is because plants take the inorganic minerals and converts them into usable organic minerals that animals (including humans) can metabolize.  One cannot eat dirt that is high in iron or suck on an iron nail and raise the level of iron in your system, but one can eat vegetables that are high in organic iron and get what is needed for the body.

Frightening Water

Besides the cocktail described above, most tap water contains the harmful inorganic mineral called Calcium Carbonate (lime).  This inorganic mineral makes water hard.  Besides making it extremely hard to create sudsy water for cleaning and ruining one’s cooking pans, hard water coats arteries and joints with lime deposits, much like one gets lime deposits on sinks, faucets, and shower doors. This quickly ages your body and slowly deteriorates it.  Lime filled water is most common in well water, but is found in several water sources. The only safe water is pure, distilled water.

Win Your Health Back

As frightening as the above may sound, there is always an alternative.  The remainder of this article is how one can win back one’s health.


The safest water to drink is distilled.  An active person should drink 3/4 to 1 oz of water per pound of body weight, so 100 pounds=100 oz of water a day.  Someone who is less active should drink 1/2 to 3/4 of an oz of water/body weight.  Water is an amazing substance that can slow aging, heal tissue, increase energy, etc.It is vital that our bodies get pure, clean, fresh, non-fluoridated water.  The only place one can get that today is from distilled water.  It is worth the extra expense!  Also, one can get clean fresh water from organic fruits and vegetables.  Plants, like animals, are mostly comprised of water.  Even if you follow the healthiest lifestyle, if you drink water laced with inorganic chemicals and minerals, it will all be for not.  One MUST drink clean and healthy water to be completely healthy.


There are many destructive behaviors and diets that we must eliminate to gain back health.



Alcohol-commercial (sulfites, non organic grains, herbs, etc.) Home-brewed or none at all
Caffeinated drink (coffee, tea, soda) Drink more water, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and exercise
Processed foods (cheese substitutes, canned/packaged food, etc.) Homemade food, whole foods, fruits and vegetables
Refined sugars, flours, etc. Organic alternatives, honey, Whole wheat flour, non bleached flour.
Fried foods Baked, broiled, boiled
Non organic fruits and vegetables, and animal products Home grown, or organic bought
Fish that are bottom feeders or are scavengers and shell fish (shark, tuna, mollusks, shrimp, etc.) Very high in Mercury Fresh water fish (Salmon-all varieties, trout) that has not been colored.  Catch your own!

So what can one eat or drink?!  The list seems imposing, but think about Something:  how much money do we waste on such products?  If one takes a look at what is spent on junk, he or she will see that one could actually save money and eat healthy.  It is suggested that a person becomes a vegetarian.  If not, it is further suggested that one only eat meat 3 times a week.  Also, a diet should contain 60% raw food such as raw nuts, fruits and vegetables. Changing to the alternatives is a test in discipline.  Do you have what it takes to change?  I think you do! Start at the top of the list and move down one thing at a time.  The best way to break a habit is total abstinence.


Besides drinking distilled water and eating healthy, one also has to begin living a healthier life: mind, body and soul.  Start exercising.  Walking is a great exercise that gets one out in the fresh air.  It is also one of the best exercises.  Many Folk start exercise regimens with just walking and building up to regular exercise.it can be done.  If the weather is poor or the neighborhood dangerous, try something like Yoga or Pilates there are great DVD’s out there and classes one could take.  Walking by far is the cheapest and easiest, though. Once one starts, it will get easier and easier and one will feel more energized and healthy!

Next, it is suggested that one fasts once a week.  Fasting has been used for thousands of years and cleanses the body of toxins.  It also challenges the body to survive and in turn makes it stronger. The key to fasting is to drink lots of distilled water or fresh squeezed juice.  If one combines the water with raw apple cider vinegar and honey (for taste), the fast will further cleanse the body.

Relax!  Many health problems arise from stress.  In this fast paced world, folk seem to forget this fact.  Take time do some relaxation exercises such as deep breathing and meditating.  Also, don’t forget those relaxing activities such as gardening, reading, or other hobbies!

Finally, spend the money to buy a juicer, dehydrator, and, if needed, a distiller.  The three things will save tons money in the long run and provide healthy food for the family!

On a personal note, my family made a new year’s resolution to change our unhealthy habits.  It has been a slow process, but the very first thing we did is start drinking ONLY distilled water and organic fruit juice.  This has already shown results.  Next, we switched to all organic food and meat only 3 times a week.  This has cut our food bill by 30 %.  Our children only eat healthy snacks (fruit, seeds, nuts, etc.).  We have increased our walking and have started doing Yoga in the mornings (about 3 times a week to start).  We are enjoying the healthful benefits of loosing weight and increasing energy.  It has been tough, mainly for my husband and me.  It is hard to break old habits and we are still working on some, but it is a beginning!  The key to starting is getting the entire household to buy into the idea.  With total family support, it can be done!

Tips and Tricks

  • Walk daily.  Even if it is only for 10 mins.walk around the block, take the kids with you..they will love it!
  • Get up in the morning and stretch.  Then do some light exercises such as jumping jacks, yoga, jump rope, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. These quick things will help eliminate morning coffee.  Just getting your blood flowing in the morning will wake you up!
  • Go through recipes and choose simple, minimal ingredient recipes.
  • Set out a tray of raw fruit, vegetables, and nuts for the family and then have them “graze” all day.  Also, you could put out cheese slices or chunks. This way they get plenty of vitamins and minerals (the organic kinds), and this will reduce the need to make packaged meals when in a hurry.
  • Fast once a month then move to once every two weeks, then finally to once a week.
  • Go to bed early (10pm is late enough!) it will be easier to wake up early!
  • Eat only when hungry, stay busy and you will only eat when you are hungry.
  • Carry bottled water with you from your distilled water.
  • Take nuts, seeds or diced fruit in the car with you.  This will eliminate fast food stops.
  • Garden-this will create healthy food for you and your family at a minimal price.
  • Meditation-this can be done while doing repetitive activities like sweeping, mopping, doing dishes by hand, hanging laundry, or even while walking.  Not all meditating is done in a yoga position or in a sitting, eyes closed, position.  If you have time to do that than do, but look for times that there is low mental output to relax the mind and just brood!

Good luck, and take the time and energy to change your and your family’s life.it is the best investment you will ever make!

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