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Positive Energy

Today I would like to talk to you about positive energy, and no I am not trying to sign you up to a new energy company with dual fuel discounts, no, today I want to talk about a mindset, the way in which we as Odinist can and do influence Wyrd's web, that web which connects all things, all matter, all life. The Great Web of Wyrd

The Great Year

The Web of Wyrd is by no means a static construction. It is motion made manifest. The flashing patterns of energy within the heart of the atom, the wheeling dance of galaxies and stars, all is motion. It is within this concept of a cosmos in continual, rhythmic, patterned motion that the idea of the "Great Year" must be considered.

What’s In A Word?

'IN the beginning was the Word' , a statement found at the beginning of the Hebrew Bible, is a typical word-play used to subtly twist the truth. ' The Word ' is attributed to the god Jehovah, a wrathful and destructive demon, and so all of creation is attributed to the destroyer. In reality the statement has a far different meaning.