by Asrad CG
Excerpt from a talk given at the 2257re Great Moot

Today I would like to talk to you about positive energy, and no I am not trying to sign you up to a new energy company with dual fuel discounts, no, today I want to talk about a mindset, the way in which we as Odinist can and do influence Wyrd’s web, that web which connects all things, all matter, all life. The Great Web of Wyrd

I would like to mention briefly a few ways in which we as Odinists can have a positive influence on Wyrd’s web. I make no claim to be an expert or to a have a in-depth understanding of each subject, I am just scratching at the surface still myself, but I believe that they play an integral part of an holistic approach to our holy religion and to under-estimate the potential of these components would be a serious mistake and a missed opportunity to advance our holy religion and the Odinic Rite as the best vehicle for promoting Odinism.

The first of these ways of positively influencing Wyrd is through the use of gealdor, runic chanting in particular. Everything has a frequency to which it is naturally tuned. This is known as its Prime Resonant Frequency (PRF). At this frequency an object will more readily absorb energy. Each component of your body has its own (PRF). From a stone in a stone circle to the organs in your body, and your body itself has a Prime Resonant Frequency. The PRF of a person is in the 7-10Hz range and the Heart PRF is 100Hz. The typical cell PRF is approximately 1000Hz.Throughout history our ancestors and the ancestors of many peoples have used sound or resonance to affect various aspects of their lives. Shamanic drumming used to create altered states of awareness. Aborigines used the didgeridoo for healing long before Rolf Harris saw fit to inflict it upon us! Buddhist monks have used bells in healing and Georgian women have used the resonance of healing songs to help heal trauma in children for many hundreds of years.

Fredrick Bernard Marby, the runic researcher of the 1920-30’s promoted the use of runic chanting and runic gymnastics in order to heal all manner of ailment, both directly and remotely. Being able to project healing runic energy across the threads of Wyrd’s web and to bring about positive healing effects is truly inspiring. The use of ultra sound is of course now becoming more and more frequent even within mainstream medicine. Today kidney stones are broken up using ultra sound and even the shrinking of tumours using this technique is common. But as well as ultra sound, infra sound and audible sound are widely recognised as having immense healing properties within the scientific world. Sound is energy and so if we combine intent, i.e. positive intention or will, our spiritual intent, with sound energy we can heal.

An American sound healer Jonathan Goldman, created the simple formula. Sound + Intention = Healing.
For us as Odinists this intention is Odic energy. The Odic force of life itself.


Dowsing is a way of knowing, feeling and understanding the natural forces that surround us, cross our Odal lands and influence our lives. Learning how to feel this energy is very important. Looking for something you cannot see, touch, taste, hear or smell is a concept that many cannot grasp. Yet we know that energy lines, natural lines of energy do exist. Understanding these ancient ways and being able to use them to benefit FFF, healing and balancing our own Odic energy. Dowsing in itself demands many articles to cover it with any justice, something for the future.

Through meditation we can learn to focus our energy more affectively. I shall not go into detail about this as it is a subject which is being addresses quiet thoroughly within ORB, but it is something we should each practice as often as possible. I personally find meditation difficult, but practice as they say makes perfect.

We each experience or feel energy, positive and negative. Today the overwhelming energy within this room is positive, we are after all amongst folk, Odinist folk and by and large we share the same outlook and thus the same positive approach to life, we are on the same wavelength.

We all understand that life is interwoven, our lives are interconnected, touched by and touching Wyrd’s threads, the web of Wyrd. Every thought and action is energy and thus that energy vibrates the web of life to a greater or lesser degree.

When we hold blot we vibrate the web with our energy, our intent and our positive energy. We must not underestimate the influence we can have on Wyrd’s web. We must understand that by our actions we can shape our lives.

You may ask “how can I shape my life, don’t the Norn’s layout our lives?” Yes of course our Wyrd, our path is set out before us, a journey or destiny. But we are able to influence this journey with our own energy, both positive and negative.

As Wulfstan has said on many occasions, Orlog is like a game of chess. The rules are set out for us, yet there are many ways in which we can play the game, both good and bad. So whilst the Norns have put us on the path and have pointed us in the right direction we must try to avoid the potholes and wrong turns along that path by remaining positive. People will of course ask how we can make a difference, we are insignificant beings, minute on the scale of the great picture, yet we must all understand that what may seem a very small and insignificant action or word can have an amazing affect on Wyrd’s web. Let me give you some examples, and I am going to use some directly linked to Odinism and the OR.

Let us take as our first example a lady that has influenced a great many lives both directly and indirectly. Laurel Owen is a prime example of how positive energy can influence Wyrd’s web. Laurel’s energy has changed the lives of many people. Her enthusiasm has encouraged many prisoners to turn their lives around and thus she has helped reduce the number of people re-offending. If just one inmate does not re-offend upon release then Laurels actions will have had a massive effect on Wyrd’s web. Picture in your mind now the number of people that are affected from just one simple house break-in. Some of you may have been victims of crime; now think for a moment of just how much just one offence can influence you and your families lives. The ripples of one action touch the lives of so many people to a greater or lesser degree it is almost impossible to think of them all. So do you see just how important Laurel’s work and attitude are and just what a massive positive influence her energy has on the web of Wyrd.

Let us look at another example of how positive energy can shape Wyrd. An online Odinist forum was disrupted by the negative actions and energy of some people proclaiming to be folk. Their negativity could have destroyed on online community for our folk, yet due to the positive energy of a few true folk, not only was the community reformed, it was improved. Rotten wood was discarded, a great deal of negativity was left behind and a vibrant new community sprang forth shedding the negativity and decay which had taken over. Now that community is flourishing. I would mention Boyke, Hengest, Kathy and all the others involved by name but I know that would embarrass them!!

So once again we can see that positive energy has influenced Wyrd in a positive way.

These are but just two examples of many many more I could mention. In this room today there are examples of just what can be achieved from positive energy. Take Frey’s Beacon Hearth, Heimdall’s Watch Hearth, Einheriar Hearth; all new hearths of the Rite, all flourishing and all born from positive energy and we have already mentioned the positive energy of folk like Astrid, Lou Walters and Laurel Owen.

As individuals, hearths and as an Odinic movement we can influence Wyrd for the good of our folk. Every action, word and deed must be positive and with good intent. Your will and determination to further Faith, Folk and Family is vital. We must take full responsibility for our future and be totally focused, totally committed and positive at all times.

If I have used the words “positive energy” too many times I make NO apology for doing so. The way forward for our folk, our faith and our families must be with positive energy.