Modern Enemy – Modern Psyche

By Phil AOR
First published in ORB 203, Yule 2256

In days gone by, our ancestors faced many dangers and challenges. If we go back far enough, we reach a human being who survived on primal instinct. He competed vigorously for survival against rival kinsfolk, wild animals and the force of Nature. When threatened he either ran, fought or died.

As man became more ‘civilized’, he faced other threats. Ancient Briton’s fought Saxons, who fought Vikings and related Normans, and battles raged for years which tipped the balance of power one way and another. Boundaries were fixed and wars defined who ruled within these boundaries.

This article is not intended to be a history of Kings and wars, nor could I relate facts any better than the multitude of books available on the subject. What this article is about is the psychological and physical way power is won and lost, how it affects the people of Britain today and how we can reclaim our birthright.

Love it or hate it, politics, in one way or another, has directly impacted upon our people since man first lived in a community. Whether we are talking about a sensible discussion around a table laden with food and ale in a Saxon village to determine minor day to day decisions, or a King taking council with his most trusted advisors, it is all politics of a kind.

Nowadays, we rely on a group of elected government officials to decide the fate of so called ‘ordinary’ people. Over hundreds, even thousands of years, we have come from camp-fire decision making to the Houses of Parliament.
There are some who say that once the population of a nation becomes too strong numerically for them to be ruled by the sword, so-called ‘democratic’ measures must rapidly be put in place to appease the people and to ensure they believe they have a choice in who looks after their affairs. Of course, there are free-thinkers who see through this preposterous sham, but while millions of voter’s brains are busy concentrating upon the colour of their next automobile or the lyrics to latest pop record, then the free-thinkers will remain in the minority.

The most drastic difference between our ancestors and their modern day counterparts, however, is that today’s environment is one of talk and posture, whilst history recounts physical deeds, often on the part of the ‘ordinary’ citizen and soldier.

The new-age psychoanalysts, the liberal thinkers and those out of touch with the eternal rules of nature will disagree whole heartedly with what I have to say, but I say it nonetheless; we are not so far removed from animals, you and I.

The ‘fight or flight’ response of our ancestors is equally shared by ourselves, and it is the exact same reaction exhibited in any animal. When we feel fear, we feel an instinctual desire to lash out or to escape. Just because, as modern day ‘civilised’ people, we resist these primal urges, doesn’t mean they are wrong. Only that we live in a time when it is unacceptable that we cause harm unnecessarily or run away from our fears.

A fear of being summoned to see your boss at work is not the same as being attacked by a sword-wielding enemy, but our brain cannot distinguish the difference at its deepest level. We feel the need to run away, (or even to punch our arrogant ‘superior’ on the jaw), because Nature has given us a ‘fight or flight’ mechanism, not a ‘deal with your boss amicably’ mechanism.
So it follows that in ages past, when our land was about to be taken by an enemy and our folk turned into slaves, our first response was to take up arms, march determinedly through rain and mud, and violently resist that which threatened our very survival as an individual and as a people. In our hearts was the love we held for our family and home, and in our blood was the power – adrenaline – to resist. Our fear was released through vigorous action.

There have been many proud warrior cultures throughout history and the world, but various Northern European cultures have exhibited a well balanced blend of physical strength coupled with a mental ability which ensured they would be the ones writing or verbally handing down historical legend for many years.

A new power dawned, however, that succeeded in neutralising the kind of heroic energy once held in such high regard by our forefathers. This form of power was truly the product of genius. To rule a people without the use of force, or at least the negligible use of force! What mighty general of the past would or could even comprehend such a power? Yet it is here and has been here for a very long time. It has evolved from an ideology which deemed apathy a worthy attribute and praised those who were meek into an all singing, all dancing computer age media parade which sucks the life from already weakened minds and spits out one grey-skinned drone after another to follow the peaceful procession of his brothers into a pit of non-existence.

Every now and then, somebody snaps. The pressure of living in a world so unnatural to the one we instinctually crave eventually reaches down into the core of a broken minded human being and he rips forth like a fiery volcano, full of repressed emotion. Often the recipient of this physical assault is an innocent citizen who did nothing wrong except to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A loving wife or a practically defenceless child is harmed, or a piece of property vandalised.
All these things are inexcusable, but are often the product of a mind corrupted by the almost never ending pressure of modern day life. Our eyes and ears are being fed information which our hearts reject, and those who break are branded ‘uncivilised’, and produced time and again as ‘proof’ that more measures need to be imposed to stop it happening again. Of course, the more we are squeezed, the more we react and a vicious circle is set in motion which only benefits our enemy.

Couple this with the problems of drugs, which includes excessive alcohol consumption. Every day we see multiple media images of people regarded as ‘fashionable’, and they invariably take drugs, smoke, drink and act violently. The power which is behind this ‘entertainment’ knows exactly what it is doing – removing by stealth and deceit the last shred of strength and nobility from an enemy which it has battled for aeons.

Heroic catchphrases are diluted and twisted. The battle cry of today’s youth is heard in the towns; “Live life to the full!” And yet this refers merely to the drinking of poison and the inability to do anything worthwhile for the following twenty-four hours. I counter this with, “Where is your achievement? Where is your pride? When stripped of your materialistic trinkets, what do you have? If you were cut down tomorrow, what would be your legacy?”

While much of the population relaxes in a stupefied slumber, the enemy of our people works tirelessly. Yet are our people really as ignorant as they are made out to be? When their day of judgement comes, will ‘ignorance’ provide an excusable argument? Of course not! Do they not see hypocrisy and evil every day with their own eyes? Do they not posses the same information-laden genes which the rest of our folk carry inside us? They have made a conscious choice to ignore their fate… but maybe that doesn’t mean their Awakening will not come.

But what of the rest of us? The ones who see and feel? The ones who understand and yet are not satisfied unless they are striving for more? Do we go with primal instinct and wage bloody war with our largely invisible or misplaced enemy using force, fists and steel, or even run away in the pursuit for survival? A recent survey found that we are losing five-hundred Britons per day as they follow their natural inclination and flee these islands. And of course, these are our best Britons, not the dregs of society. Our masked enemy watches as we follow our primal urge, and he laughs. Once our instincts helped us to win, now they are used against us. If we fight physically we are branded uncivilised and are jailed. If we run, we leave our land to fall into the hands of another. So what do we do?

I’ll tell you.

We fight a battle which will be harder than any we have ever fought before. We stand side by side like an unmoveable rock. We delve deep into our souls and strive to resist all attempts by our enemy to make us do just what he wants us to do. We become a shining light – a beacon in the darkness which draws like-minded souls just as a flame attracts a moth. We shall exhibit such a higher than mortal, Nietzsche-like ‘superman’ presence that our kinsfolk will come to us in droves and our enemies will be non-violently repelled and left morally crushed.

With great words and honourable courage we will triumph in the face of almost insurmountable odds. We will turn our enemy’s weapons against them; the media is a double edged sword and our opponent’s hand is only inches away from slipping onto his own blade.

It is a choice which has been forced upon us – to retaliate against an invisible enemy using physical means is not an option, nor is it an option to run. For too long have our kinsfolk slept, and we find ourselves in an almost undefendable position. Many of our people have turned against us, however it must be realised that their thoughts are merely a coat of thin emulsion over a soul fighting to free itself.

We face a battle of words, a battle of ideology. Our friends are few, yet our ranks are growing. It is not a war for the faint of heart – if we should fall we do not face a historically honourable death; in fact the history books will denounce us. Our very names will be the object of ridicule and all we once held dear to us will be trampled into the mud, and to be forgotten will be a fate far better than that which awaits us if we fail.

Make no mistake; this is certainly our last stand.