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Photo by Nathan Greenway from FreeImages

Grey Squirrel Folk Allegory

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By Raibeart OR Odinism is our natural religion and is nature based. When describing our Holy faith as nature based, I find it important to point out that rather than a Walt Disney film viewpoint of a child like utopia fantasy, it is about…
Photo by Nathan Greenway from FreeImages

Community: A Lesson from our Saxon Ancestors

Today we hear a lot about the 'community'. In most cases this is a corruption of the term, for it has little to do with the majority of the indigenous population, but is either a way of setting up 'experts' over us, to reduce our power to run our own affairs in ways best suited to us - hence the legion of 'community officers' - or else it is basically a code-name to give special categories special status or rights not given to the majority.