Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the igniting of a flame. ~Socrates

The education of Our children is one of the most important jobs that we as Odinists can perform. Even if we choose to have our children educated through an outside source such as public/state/private schools, our children learn their truest lessons at home.

In this section of Acorn Hollow we provide Parent-Teachers tools, advice, and lessons to better educate their children.

We encourage every parent to take an active role in the education of their children. Make a presentation at your child’s school for our Heritage Holidays that are Odinically inspired, or simply read stories from our Folk, these things enrich your child’s life.

If you are Home Educating, infusing Odinist elements into daily lessons will expand and bring depth to mundane lessons.

Our goals are to eventually provide parents with original Odinist curricula that can be used on a part time basis for “after school” lessons, or full time in a Home School.

As with all OR projects, we welcome any and all comments from our members and Families.

Thank you!
Faith, Folk, Family!
Acorn Hollow

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