The Gods and Goddesses of Odinism
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It is fitting to follow our remarks on Loki by a short commentary on Vidar, a god of immense significance for our people although considered to be “obscure” by writers on mythology. We see, in the old myths, that Vidar appears at the time of the last battle. He is a son of Odin and avenges his father’s death by slaying Fenris Wolf. He survives the cataclysm to become the spirit father of a new generation of gods and men. Out of the miasma of mythic distortion this small fragment of sublime truth shines clearly.

Vidar, the god who stands at the end of this Dark Age – silent, waiting. Already we feel the approach of his coming love – Vidar the Redeemer. Vidar the Valiant, the slayer of Fenris Wolf. Vidar, the god of the woodlands, the god of the new forests that will rise and cover the Earth again when Ragnarok is past. The Woodland God who slays the automaton in ravening wolf shape that is technology run mad.

And sweet it is to know that this new woodland god is not a primeval giant, resentful of man’s incursion into his guarded hallows but a child of our own gods, one of the Æsir.

We do not call to Vidar. His time to speak to us is not arrived. It is enough to know that he will come.