Originally published in ORB No.89, October 1989

THE power or energy expressed in the Uruz rune can be used in everyday life in tasks requiring a prolonged use of physical strength, particularly if it is of a monotonous nature. This includes not only certain sporting pastimes such as jogging or weightlifting. Our distant ancestors saw this continued controlled energy manifest well in the mighty aurochs, huge powerful beasts akin to the buffalo that once ranged across our northlands.

In these massive creatures our folk saw the power of Uruz working, as these animals were relentless. It is this continued control of energy that makes this rune such a valuable aid in everyday life. It is even useful in acts like sawing and similar arduous tasks. One can imagine the surging strength of the aurochs – not a fast, fiery rush, but a steady controlled power that not only renews intention but also calms.

By uttering it to yourself, or out loud, a pattern builds up which becomes attuned to the task in hand and aids the breathing pattern necessary for physical labours. You will inhale and exhale with a steady rhythm as you merge with the Uruz energy stream.

Uruz can also create determination in the user and keep his mind clearly on the target by dispelling thoughts of a distracting nature. If used successfully it can even make one almost oblivious to all else but the goal and help one achieve it by relentless determination. Physical aches and pains can subside as the user is immersed in its controlled, powerful flow.

As with most things, practice makes better.