Attracting Women to the Rite – Some considerations.

By Eowyn OR As a revolutionary organisation operating within the context of a modern universalist culture, the OR faces many challenges to not only sustain folkish ways, but also to build towards a better future for its people with an infrastructure that honours multiversal values. Amongst the most pressing challenges we face is that of attracting more women into the Rite. This is not merely an exercise in building numbers, nor even about trying to have equal numbers of each sex (as desirable as this might be); it is about a fundamental balancing of the energies that create the matrix on which the Rite's activities are woven.

Folk Building

Folk building is a basic concept that should be a vital concern for all folkish people. The theory of folk building is to create a community within a community. This concept is based on a web structure starting with the individual. Each person that makes up a Folk Community contributes to his or her family.