The holy symbols of our faith are numerous. Many people have heard of the runes even if they do not know much about them. But there are many other holy symbols which may be less well known.

Some of our symbols have been used over the years by people not of our faith and their use has meant that many people now find our symbols offensive and because they don’t understand the true meaning of these symbols they fear them and those who use them.

We think it is important that you, our children, and your parents learn the meanings behind our symbols so that you are not only aware of them yourself but also that you may educate others.


swastika or fylfot The Fylfot, most commonly known as a swastika is one of the most holy of our symbols. It has been used by our people for thousands of years. The fylfot represents positive, forward movement. It represents hope and also is used as a good luck charm. Fylfot Coloring Page



sunwheelThe Solar Cross, or sunwheel, is one of the most ancient spiritual symbols in the world, appearing in art from every culture from the dawn of history. Consisting of an equal armed cross within a circle. It represents the movement of the sun as marked by the solstices and equinoxes. In it’s simplist form it is known as an Odin’s cross, being associated with Odin it is often used by Odinists as a symbol of our faith.  Solar Cross Coloring Page


triskeleThe Triskele is a symbol of movement but is also used in symbolism involving threes such as birth, death, rebirth or father, mother, child or earth, sky, underworld or for those of us within the OR our by words, faith, folk and family. The triskele is such an important symbol within our faith that is used as the Odinic Rite emblem. Triskele Coloring Page


valknutFirst found on old Norse stone carvings The Valknut is also called “Hrungnir’s heart,” for the giant Hrungnir of the Eddas and is best knovvn as the Valknut, or”knot of the slain.” It has been found on stone carvings vvith funerary motifs, as is thought to signify the afterlife. The Valknut’s three interlocking shapes and nine points are sometimes used to represent the rebirth, pregnancy, and cycles of reincarnation.The nine points are also suggestive of the Nine Worlds. Their intervvoven shape suggests also the interrelatedness of the three realms of earth, hel, and the heavens, and the nine domains they encompass. Valknut Coloring Page


We will be adding to the Holy Symbols page but in the meantime if there is a symbol that you would like to know more about then let us know.

  • Each symbol above also has a coloring sheet that you can print out. Why not color them and put them on your wall? Reading the text on them regularly will help you to remember the meanings.
  • Why not make your own pictures of our holy symbols and send them to us? We will put them on the site for others to see.
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