We have suffered a great loss. One of our darling children has left us to the other side. Her name was Lydia Lynch and she was six years old. The daughter of Justin AOR and Emily AOR, who was collectively being raised by five Endr-Lifga Hearth members. And beyond that she was the daughter of us all. Lydia was a constant participant in Acorn Hollow Denver activities and was present at the first AHD event.

This beautiful little girl was only steps away from her mother when a driver, who had a revoked license, slammed into this little body and tore her from her mothers reach, then proceeded to drag her two blocks down the street before stopping.

She was only six when she returned to the Gods and it is us who should have been her teachers, yet it is she who has taught us so much. Teaching us to smile and laugh. Teaching us the depths of love. Teaching us how precious every moment we spend with each other is. Teaching us that the words and ways we treat the ones we love must matter, for in the blink of an eye those loves so true in our heart’s may be called to return to all that is. She was the light that we ought all strive to have burning inside of ourselves.

Her name was Lydia Lynch. We called her “Moosey”.

To the Gods Dear One. To the Gods.


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