The Gods and Goddesses of Odinism
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Frey, whose name means “lord”, was seen by our pagan ancestors as the “the Lord of the Elves”. He is pre-eminently a nature god, a spiritual being concerned with procreation and fertility. In the very long-ago days when our folk were hunters they must have venerated Frey as a god of woodlands, a god connected with the herds of deer they hunted or, more particularly, with the wild boar, for this animal is sacred to Frey.

Despite references in mythological writings which suggest that he was concerned with the fertility of crops we strongly feel that he was, and is, a god of animal fertility, including of humans. When our people ceased to be hunting nomads and settled down into agricultural communities they would have worshipped Frey as the bestower of fertility on their cattle and swine (and themselves) as before they had seen him as the protector of the wild herds.

Frey is the lusty spirit who presides over productive sexual coupling, the patron of handfastings, the protector of joyful love. He is the unseen guest at nuptial feasts and the divine witness to the consummation of the union. Today we see a dwindling in the fertility of our people. In our Blots or rituals we cry to the spirits of destiny that “may we not be a failing people or a springless autumn”. Yet the life force begins to ebb away from us, our numbers decline and all around us we see a rising flood of populations alien to us. We have allowed ourselves to be tricked and deluded into feeling guilt about fecundity. We are told that the Earth has too many people and so we reduce the size of our families, reduce them so that we do not even maintain the numbers of our population, which diminishes from year to year. But it is not our people who flood the Earth with the many-too-many so that the ecology breaks down and millions starve.

We have been tricked and deluded into thinking that the natural role of women as the mothers of the race is a menial and degrading career. Behind this attitude we see the rise of a movement which considers itself to be “liberating” women but which in reality alienates them from their natural fulfilment, from their men and from their children. We see arise the cry for “abortion on demand” and the resulting abomination of millions of unborn infants murdered each year. We see the breakdown of the family and the total fragmentation of society. With the “broad” pagan movement itself we see arise the forces of anti-life: sick ideas, ranting proselytising perversion that glorifies the coupling of women with women and men with men. The act of sex even between men and women becomes a mere triviality without love and precluding the generating of children. We see the rise of lesbian “wicca”, a self-styled pagan grouping that dedicates itself to a “goddess” who upon close examination is revealed as no pagan goddess but the Hebrew Jehovah in drag. These are an evil brood motivated by a hatred of men, a fear of womenly women and a determination to destroy the family, a determination to destroy our race.

As Balder withdraws his patronage from the poisoned orchards of agribusiness so too does Frey withdraw from those who offer such blasphemy to the sacred act of procreation. And yet he is still close to us. All those of our people who mate with joy and raise their families in unity and love are the devotees of Frey, whatever their overtly stated beliefs.

As in our own lives so also in the lives of the animals entrusted to our care do we see blasphemy against Frey. We have been tricked and deluded into accepting cruelty in the production of the food we eat as being somehow necessary. If we do nothing to fight against the abomination of pig and poulty batteries and other cruel agribusiness methods, and if we condone the use of animals in needless scientific and medical research, then we have turned our backs on Frey and he will rightly abandon us.

If we do nothing to save ourselves from the forces of evil that are skilfully carrying out the destruction of our race, then we deserve to perish. If we are determined to survive then Frey himself will give us the strength to fight.

Communion with Frey is not achieved by invocation: it is necessary to act. The act of fruitful love is in itself an act of worship, an act of magic.