A Re-wakening of the Folk

By Phil AOR

First published in ORB 200, Spring 2006

If you were to ask almost any indigenous Briton what, in his or her opinion is the predominant religion of our Nation, you would certainly get the answer, ‘Christian’. Of course, there are many denominations of the Christian faith, and you would also receive other answers depending on who or how many people the survey comprised, but I think most would agree that the above answer would come out on top, percentage wise.

But is this correct? We have all read the newspaper stories and seen the TV news bulletins where Bishops, Priests and other heads of the Church have been on the verge of begging the public to attend a regular weekly service. So if most would argue that this is a nation of Christians, why are Church attendance figures so low?

The mainstay of Christian congregations would appear to be the elderly. Granted, this by no means encompasses the entirety of said congregations, but a simple glance through the doors of your local Church on a Sunday morning will yield the answer. I believe the reason for this to be that, a) the elderly find good company at Church organised events which they may be deprived of if they were to stay at home and rely on a busy family to provide social activities, and b) being older, they perceive they are closer to death and wish to ‘make peace with the Almighty’ before they pass on to Heaven.

Whether these people can be forgiven is obviously open to debate. Who could deprive an elderly lady of the friendship she finds at Church when there is no one else to give her that company? And surely, after decades of Christian propaganda, who could possibly convince her there was another way? It is a difficult proposition.

If, then, the Church is supported mostly by those in their autumn years, what of the rest of our Folk?

The middle aged, (for the purpose of this article I term middle aged as between thirty-five and retirement), are either in the lap of luxury on full benefit — in which case they would be utterly foolish to blow against the wind or have a thought which may disturb the harmonious flow of Government funded cash, or they are working —which means they are doing so many hours, rational thought is a mere light at the end of the tunnel. After all, someone has to fund the EU, the Foreign Aid, the countless wars and the fashionable sportswear of those  incapacitated by the burden of leafing through the latest buy now pay later catalogue.

Which leaves the youngsters. When I was at infant/primary school, it was all very much a multi-cultural affair. Around half my classmates were of Pakistani origin, which meant that we were taught more about other faiths than what I then presumed to be my own.

My secondary school was almost exclusively White, which meant every morning assembly had some Christian aspect to it. The one resounding thought that I can clearly remember was, ‘Why all this New Testament stuff when the Old Testament seemed so much more interesting?’ I wanted to know about Samson or David and Goliath. The New Testament felt so alien to me — forgiving and forgetting, turning the other cheek and the whole theory of Jesus being so humble and meek just made me cringe.

Looking back now, I see that anything which involved physical competition, or indeed anything remotely ‘heroic’ was practically never taught — at least not as I can remember. The one exception being P.E. (Physical Education replaced the sturdier sounding Physical Training long ago.) Even then, at junior school sports day, coloured ribbons were issued in place of 1st 2nd and 3rd positions. They wanted to deny us the chance of being winners, and to soften the blow felt by the losers. (Although rarely in my life have I ever witnessed a serial-loser being particularly upset at losing. They often just accept it, and plod on with their life.)

Yet, after all this conditioning, all this Christianity, all this political correctness and all this anti-heroism, I have come to see it all for what it is – a way of controlling the masses and dampening the spirit of the West. But, by the Gods, it is not working. Many years ago I had to fill in a form. I cannot remember the nature of this form, but I can recall a section regarding religious beliefs. My mother pointed out that I should tick the box marked Church of England, even though none of my family had ever attended Church besides the usual weddings and funerals, and even though I had never been christened. I immediately poured scorn on her choice. Something inside me just didn’t want to be associated with Christians, Jesus or their God. I had visions of weak-willed people, clasping their hands together and begging forgiveness, and of the strange holiday social clubs I occasionally attended. (And where I always seemed to come home with head lice for some reason — a possible punishment for my blasphemous thoughts perhaps?)

The point I am trying to make is that, however hard the Christians try to make us accept their teachings, I believe that Christianity is so un-natural to Western man’s genetic make-up that those worthy of something better will naturally reject it. It may take time for the realisation to occur, but I feel it is an inner process that will rise to the surface like a new- born baby instinctively knows how to swim. The weak will follow the path of Judeo-Christianity and the strong will become stronger as they follow their ancestral path of enlightenment.

I broke earlier paragraphs into age related topics for a reason. I personally believe that although I have said one will follow his or her natural path, obviously some help is needed if they are to realise who they really are. The elderly and possibly the middle aged have been bombarded with too much for too long. If they are to shun the thoughts, ideals and opinions of the media, the governments and of the masses, they must come to this conclusion by themselves. No amount of explanation will help them – it will fall on deaf ears.

The young are our future. They are un-encumbered by false philosophy and are the purest form of life, and will respond best to the truth. Amazingly, despite their inexperience in life, they can also spot liars a mile away. In my opinion, Odinists should provide a guiding light to members of our Folk who are in need of assistance, but we should be wary of pushing too hard. Too much information too quickly often has the effect of overloading the recipient’s mind and may make an enthusiastic Odinist appear like some kind of cultist – ridding the Western mind of false propaganda will not be an over night affair. Those instinctively attracted will find the correct path, and others will follow. There are many books out there which could be given as a gift to someone you feel may be receptive to Odinist ideals, for example. Suitable children’s books are an especially good learning aid.

As for Christianity, it is obviously in steady decline, at least in Britain. Attacked by Islam and shunned by those who have no need for its feeble viewpoints, it will run itself aground on the rocks like a ship without an able Captain.

We must not fear.


Time shall run its course and the strongest will survive.


Trust in Wyrd.


A Re-Awakening is in progress.