The Trials and Tribulations of the Solitary Newbie Seeker of Odinism

By Hodekin AOR

When a person first embarks on the path of Odinism they are at once confronted with a whole new raft of exciting highs and often, depressing lows. It is true that in these early days, discoveries and disappointments can be found in equal measure and it usually takes some time before the new seeker can successfully get their head around what in real terms is a life changing experience. Very often, one of the more common downsides that can be encountered by a newcomer to Odinism is the problem of solitude!

The paradox of solitude in this the 21st century means that one no longer needs to live half way up a mountain in order to experience isolation, this can be felt just as effectively within the teeming millions of the urban city sprawl, especially when one attempts to live their life away from and outside of the norms of contemporary society with its machinations of controlled thought and predictable action.

We as humans are social/tribal animals and it is only natural that we feel more confident, safer and generally surer of ourselves when in the company of likeminded individuals. But for the newbie Odinist, initial euphoria can quickly evaporate into despair with the realisation that the shining spiritual path that one now treads, appears to be in social terms at least, a cold and empty vacuum.

Some people are fortunate that they are born into an Odinist family, others are lucky that they live in close proximity to an Odinist Hearth. But for most of us this is not the case, and not only does this sap ones energy and debilitate ones confidence, but this loneliness and non-connectedness can also prove to be emotionally draining.

So what is the answer and what is to be done?

The short answer is to create more Odinists! But realistically as a newbie that might be an expectation too far; the second and more usual option is to find an existing Odinist group with a supporting framework in which to immerse one’s self.

In the days of BI (Before Internet) this in itself could be a problematical means of introduction and learning. Contact was usually by word of mouth or by books via their publishers or authors, but now we have the Joys and delights of the World Wide Web and anything is possible…..and unfortunately I do mean anything!

I personally and seriously question whether the internet per se, is such a good thing, but the sheer versatility and instantaneous nature of its communication delivery means it is now virtually (no pun intended) indispensable. The fact that an Odinist in Canada can have instant communication with an Odinist in South Africa or Sweden and thereby exchange vast amounts of diverse information is remarkable to say the least, and for the newbie solitary Odinist this instant fix is truly a gift from the Gods….providing of course that Loki is not allowed to become overly involved which of course he inevitably does!

It’s no secret that the Internet for all its virtues is a veritable minefield, consistently spawning more false information, more false direction and more false prophets than you can shake a Thor’s Hammer at! Organisations claiming to be Odinist, simply are not! Individuals claiming to work for the future of Odinism are in reality busily working for its destruction. Fame chasers, Ego warriors and wannabe Faith stars vie with each other to recruit their duped following, whilst the confused solitary newbie is blindly led this way and that and eventually fed into the grinding machine of dire despair, disillusionment and empty pockets!

It is almost a ‘trial by ordeal’ for the budding Odinist to eventually find their way to their preferred destination, but it is also fair to say that there are an awful lot of casualties along the way in the form of those who through mis handling, mis information and mis direction end up either on the wrong road entirely or in a worst case scenario, off the road altogether. Such are the dangers of the solitary Odinist searching for comradeship in this plastic fantastic age of electronic wizardry! But at the end of the day, the internet is simply a tool, a tool that can be used for good or ill, which means it’s not all bad news.

There is still one organisation who believes in and practices radical Folkish Odinism, still one organisation who does not disappear up its own backside in order to retain the PC credentials of a failed and traitorous political system, still one organisation who has survived the furious and calculated onslaughts of test and time, still one organisation who today proudly stands unashamedly at the forefront of the battle in the relentless struggle for, Faith, Folk and Family.

The Odinic Rite.

It is of my opinion that it is crucial that we are seen and heard, that our voice is not only attainable to the solitary Odinist but easily found, and once found listened to! This in many respects is already being done, but we the membership can individually do an awful lot more to enhance and amplify that outcome.

We the membership of the Odinic Rite are in a privileged position of responsibility, dependability and accountability. Responsible not just for ourselves but for the future of our Faith, dependable for the Folk who will find their way to us, and accountable for the actions we take in the defence of the future of our Families.

This is what makes us different, this is what makes us steadfast, this is what makes us unwavering in the face of chaos, disorder and mayhem, this is what makes us The Odinic Rite!

And for the solitary newbie seeker of Odinism, it’s us that make the difference!