From the dawn of Midgarth time
Have I lived roaming the earth
Flowered in the spring
Greeted the sun in summer
And drank the Mead
From the honey
The bees did make

I have seen the battles
The wars and the dead
Slain on the field
Of honour
And felt the wings of the Valkyries
Lift the brave
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

I have witnessed
The heroes drinking nectar
In the presence of the traveller
His ravens on either shoulder
Before they fly from Valhalla
To survey the world of man

I was there when
Odin gave his eye
For the runes
He, I saw hanging
From Yggdrasil.
I was with him in Hamelin
When he led away
The children.

I was here through
The time the North
Was nearly snuffed
Like a wick crushed
By monks fingers
Like me the wick
Smouldered and glowed
And when all thought it
And me dead,
Flames erupted.
Like the pure
Outpourings of Heimey

I am present in the Gothi of the Odal
In the islands of Scotland
The shores of England
And the volcanoes of Iceland
I am present in the ice of Greenland
In the voyage to Vinland
And the fjords of the Nordic home

I am present in all times
And all places
As the crash of a wave
As the caw of a Raven
In the locking horns of a stag
In the lonely moan of a whale
The bark of the loyal hound
And the howl of the wolf in moonlight
In the geniality of the host
The thanks of the guest
The wisdom of the King
The beauty of the Queen
The bravery of the warrior
The skill of the Runemaster
The arm of the helmsmen
And the wind in his sail
Feel, hear and see me

The Folk Spirit
Has awoken again!