The All-Mother of the North has many names, and of these Ostara is the fairest – Ostara, the radiant Goddess of the Dawn, of Springtime. The Circle see her as a symbol of the spiritual re-birth of our Folk, a symbol of hope and resurgent new life.

The Circle of Ostara is a Magical Order associated with (but not officially a part of) the Odinic Rite, together working to further the awakening of our people. The Circle itself has a long history, and has developed its own system of mystico/magical practice. It has dedicated itself to three great tasks:

  • The furtherance of Odinism, the organic spiritual expression of Northern Europe, as a living faith, relevant to the problems of existence which face us now, at this time of great change.
  • The development of the “divine powers” which lie in each one of us, and which are the gifts of the Gods – not only physical and intellectual powers, but those psychic abilities that have for the past two millennia been distorted, damped down, and denied, by an alien ideology.
  • The total rejection of the pseudo-religion of Judeo-Christianity and all the belief systems which have grown out of it. The Circle struggles against it, seeing it as a force of chaos and evil, inimical to all the forms of life which live upon the Earth, and works towards its replacement by a religion which has grown from the Folk-Soul of our Northern Peoples, an organic social system, and an Earth-attuned technology.

For further information about the Circle of Ostara, you may contact the Odinic Rite. We will forward your request.

Please note that the Circle of Ostara are currently not accepting admissions or correspondence from the public.