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My Profession

A Report by Redwald OR If I’m honest, no doubt like many others, I considered Profession rather early on in my OR ‘apprenticeship’. Being pretty eager regarding new challenges, I have often tried to run before I can walk. Sometimes this enthusiasm has paid off, and other times I’ve ended up taking on a bit too much for my own good. Indeed, my wife is often telling me that I do too much... and I nod, smile and tell her that my greatest fear is to be lying on my death bed regretting not having done more.

My Long Path to Profession

By Thorbera OR I found the path to Odinism in the late ‘90’s. My then middle school aged child, Arinbjor OR, discovered it first and through his learning was able to help me through some rough times. He convinced me I needed to find that…

THE OATH – Magical and Psychological Considerations

When we are professed in the Odinic Rite we take an oath. Let us just reflect for a minute or two on the inner implications of this. As we all know, we can come across the kind of situation when we might make a promise that we cannot keep. This is part of the human condition. But an oath such as we take in the OR as a professed member is quite a different matter.