by Heimgest CG

As is known, our blood ancestors passed on the bulk of their wisdom and knowledge by word of mouth. Deep wisdom was relayed from generation to generation in this way, sometimes by direct instruction, often in tales, myths, and legends.

When our people suffered the judeo/christian holocaust the indigenous wisdom became taboo, and to continue to pass it on was punishable by torture and death. However, though much of this old wisdom ceased to be overtly spoken, a rich vein survived , camoflagued, in ‘fairy-tales’, folk stories and songs, jokes etc.

In many ways, this material, safe to repeat in those dangerous times, continued to pass on the ethics of our people. In a multitude of children’s tales both the exoteric and esoteric values, and much wisdom, remained. Most of these tales remained healthy, as generation after generation passed them on, the parents telling or reading them to their children and grand-children, who in turn told them to their own children.

This is very much in keeping with the old oral tradition, because the children, lying in bed or sitting beside their parents, grand-parents, uncles and aunts were not following from a book but allowing the flow of words and vibrations to run through them.

It is perhaps not surprising that quite a high number of Odinists I meet, when they try to trace their first being drawn to Odinism ( in this life) come to the conclusion that it was during early childhood as their parents or other kinfolk read to them, or told them, stories full of mystical beings, elves, giants, heroes, Fairy Queens and so on. Often, once they had been indoctrinated by state education this interest and sense of wonder became dormant for a while as ‘teenage’ doings began to predominate. However, the memory of these stories resides deep within us, and can flow again, this time in a more sophisticated form and with a deeper understanding.

Perhaps it is no surprise then that the Jesuit maxim, ‘give us the child for five years and we will give you the man’ was acted upon. No surprise either that the modern state educators seek to bombard children from the moment they enter school, even nursery school or play groups, with the ‘liberal’ levelling creeds of modern society. A child’s mind is particularly receptive and we can see how even our very youngest children are now subjected to teachings which are, to be quite blunt, perverted.

Natural feelings are attacked, pride in one’s genetic, cultural and spiritual heritage being either ignored or openly decried. I do not need to list all the ways this is done or give examples, for you will know quite well, especially those with children.

It is not only in such things as stories, either. We now have the ridiculous spectacle of ‘non-competative sports days’ . This, of course, means that there are no winners in the drive for a spurious ‘equality’ . In fact it means that all are losers. Even many of the stories told to children today, when they are not openly subversive of our traditional values, are insipid and banal. They neither impart knowledge for life nor stimulate the imagination. Television has replaced the act of reading to children or telling them stories for an ever-increasing number of families in today’s society. A look at the general run of children’s television programmes shows again how the sickness, the preparation for a rootless, raceless, heritageless mass of consumers is beamed into the minds of the young.

Again there are countless examples, some blatant, some extremely subtle. A glaring example I saw was in a ‘re-enactment’ of Boudica’s revolt against Roman rule. The ‘narrative’ was performed in a very professional way and did indeed enter the mind forcibly. Coupled with this, roles were played by actors and so the visual image was there also. Well, there is nothing wrong with that, you might think, and maybe if the performance had been accurate it would have been acceptable from our point of view, but it was far from being so.

The Romans were depicted as ‘white males’ who were wicked and oppressive, while Boudica’s tribe was composed of punk rockers, rastafarians, new-age hippies etc. With this sort of propaganda it is perhaps no wonder that some children today believe that the statue of Nelson in Trafalgar Square is of Nelson Mandela – a great European hero?

This whole corruption of the truth and of history, coupled with the increasing break-down of the family unit, has a compound effect. There are many children now whose parents have never read to them, or told them stories. Many families where contact between children and parents is a minimal thing and where the children’s main preparation for life comes through television and the state propaganda of the school-system.

Now, realistically at present, we cannot influence the educational system much, if at all, nor the mass media, or even the books printed for children. But what we can do is pass on the true values and knowledge of our heritage and of history by taking time to read to our children, to tell them ‘bed-time’ stories, the old stories and fairy tales which come down to us from the past. Children love such tales.

This is of vital importance. The schools and television, video, or any state apparatus, will not do it, but we can.

It is something we can and must do – The future depends on it.