THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH – The 2012 Myth: Is it true?

A Great Moot talk by Eowyn OR – October 2012

Good morning folks. Are you all having a good time?

Great! Then I suggest you make the most of it because this may well be our last Great Moot – that is, if you believe that we have only 55 more days left before some massive change is due to take place!

Yes, December 21st 2012 is fast approaching, a date that has, since 1987- and more particularly, the millennium- been cited as a time when we will experience great cataclysms- either on, or leading up to it. Indeed, this year has been a right “Bar Steward” for many of our folk, so it is not surprising that some of you may well be asking if there is any truth in the assertion. After all, questions about, and belief in, this possible event are mainstream and not just the prerogative of fringe groups, (though of course, the tin foil hat brigade is no stranger to the theory!).

Indeed, it is so mainstream, that Sony pictures brought out a film entitled “2012” with the trailer “Find out the truth” attached. This brought a tenfold increase in internet searches on the subject since the millennium; and it is interesting that Sony pushed back the release date by a year, which captured the already ripe psyche of a population looking for the forecast changes of the millennium! So the concern and worry about it would seem very reasonable given the general climate of modern day life and the cited reasoning for it.

So what is this 2012 theory all about? It is the theory that we will experience major cataclysms, enlightenment or both on and/or around the date of December 21st 2012. The source for its validation is the Mayan calendar. Now, it is important to realise that the Mayans actually used three calendars: the sacred calendar consisting of 260 days called the Tzolkin calendar; and the civil year of 365 days called the Haab. They then had a third called the Long Count calendar that served as a referencing calendar for past and future dates, but which was not accurate enough for events such as seasonal crop planting, hence this was the responsibility of the priesthood.. This Long Count calendar resets itself on the accepted date of ie December 21st-23rd 2012 in the western calendar. This is the one single fact in the whole picture: all other “facts” are nothing more than attachments of significance that have evolved over the course of its history as a theory!

So let’s take a look here so we know what we are talking about.

The inception of the 2012 theory was first knowingly spoken of in 1987 by José Argüelles (born Joseph Anthony Arguelles), an American author, artist and founder of “Planet Art Network” and the “Foundation for the Law of Time.” He connected the ending of the calendar to earth changing events and spiritual enlightenment. More recently, David Wilcock, a lecturer, author and film maker based in Los Angeles, California believes that a large segment of humanity will undergo ascension in the year 2012. As a psychic chaneller for two entities- Ra and Seth- he also believes he is the reincarnation of Edward Cayce, whilst his friends and family, he believes, are reincarnations of Cayce’s family and friends. It was he who set up an early website on the subject called “”. He initially proposed the changes would happen on May 5th 2000, but when nothing happened, he quickly reset the date to 2012 and began preaching about them in earnest around November 10th 2000! And today if only you had known, you could have attended his “The 2012 Gateway full media experience conference in Sedonia, Arizona instead of the GM!(1)

There are essentially six basic theories regarding Midwinter 2012:

1.Astrological Galactic alignment: allegedly caused by the 26,000 year cycle known as precession of the equinoxes, it will herald either major calamity or the evolution of consciousness;

2. Astronomical Galactic Alignment: this is the lining up of the centre of solar system with the physical plane of the galactic centre. Allegedly, this also would bring either major catastrophes or enlightenment;

3. Pole shift: either magnetic, physical or both simultaneously;

4. Niburu or Planet X or an asteroid will apparently either very nearly, or actually collide with the earth;

5. Solar flares will allegedly cause the poles to shift; alternatively, there will be displacement of the earth’s crust. This particular theory is now more popular because of the influence of the 2012 movie.

6. Earth will pass through a Nebula that will bring enlightenment or spiritual evolution en masse.

So are any of these theories true? Let’s take a look…

1. The theory of astrological galactic alignment:

This is the most common theory and its proponents claim that the Mayans knew all about this particular date.

Probably the main proponent is an individual named John Major Jenkins who often appears on the “History” and “Discovery” channels. In his attempts to prove the Mayans knew of this event and that it had to do with rebirth/enlightenment, Mr Jenkins uses the idea of a Mayan ball game to illustrate it, obtaining his resource from a Mayan illustration. However, the so-called ball court that he employs to illustrate an astrological concept is very flawed: for one thing, the alignment of the ball court isn’t even accurate! He also attaches symbolic significance to the glyphs they use and interprets them to fit without proof of their thinking. Ultimately, it is just an exercise in his own personal biased projections. Indeed, even if the Mayan’s knew about the precession of the equinoxes, it would not be a great achievement: the event was calculated in Europe 100 years before the Mayan calendar!

So what is astrological galactic alignment? Essentially, it is when our planet alters its tilt so that from earth’s perspective, we appear to be in line with the sun and the galactic centre. However, we are not actually in line with it at all as it is just an illusion. Imagine if you will, earth’s gyroscopic motion, whose cycle takes about 26,000 years to complete. We can see that this theory actually tells us nothing about where we will be relative to the galactic centre. The best this theory does is to tell us what the stars will appear like to us looking out from earth. Hence, astrological galactic alignment is just a visual illusion and as such, nothing has changed.

2. The theory of astronomical alignment:

This is the theory that the solar system makes a circulation of the galaxy every 225 million years and simultaneously, it moves up and down crossing the galactic plane every 33 million years. Proponents of this theory maintain that on December 21st 2012, the solar system will cross the galactic plane and this event will cause any number of cataclysms.

In fact, there are no scientific studies that state this and indeed, we simply have no proof of where the solar system is in relation to the galactic plane because it is very difficult to find out.

Scientific studies by several respected astrophysicists (2) suggest that we crossed the galactic centre approximately 3 million years ago and that we won’t be crossing back for another 30 million or so!. The simple fact is that the effects of this event as and when it happens are simply unknown, and unknowable, so can only be a moot point; besides which, at a 30 million year projection into the future, I think we can all safely agree that it really is not of immediate or even future interest to us at this point in our history!

3. The Pole shift theory. This will allegedly be either magnetic, physical or both and is cited as occurring for one of several reasons:

• planetary alignment

• Planet X or Niburu (with its comet tail) will come so close to earth, that its gravitational pull will bring chaos

• a massive sunflare

• an asteroid hitting the earth will do likewise.

With regards to the planetary alignment aspect, one only needs to check the free astronomy site, Skyview cafe (3) to be able to see that this will not happen. Some people maintain the stars form a pentagram. (However, as an interesting point about human psychology, we are preprogrammed to search out such things whilst not everyone can even perceive standard constellations; so clearly a large space for eclecticism exists!

Conjunctions of planets also happen every year and again, these are simply an illusion as sighted from the earth’s perspective; but from the perspective of the solar system, the planets are not aligned. Therefore, there is no reason to expect additional gravitational pulls or indeed, any kind of physical significance occurring from the relationships of the planets on December 21st 2012.

4. The theory of an extra planet in our solar system moving with an extremely elliptical orbit of every 3600 years was proposed by Zechariah Sitchin and arose from his interpretation of the Sumerian texts, specifically something called the VA243 Cylinder seal. He stated that when it comes round every 3600 years, trouble ensues. He theorises that the Sumerians knew of 12 planets (minus the sun and moon, which they considered as planets). Hence, this theory means there would be another planet. However, analysis reveals that even his most basic premise is wrong since he mixes the symbols used for the sun versus that of a star. Indeed, there are many problems with Sitchin’s theory.(4) Most importantly, for Planet X to be here by midwinter, it would need to be less than a billion kilometres away and to be one of the brightest planets in the sky. Even supposing it was invisible to the naked eye, it would be detectable by modern instruments: Pluto is 5 billion kilometres away and though tiny- especially when compared to the supposed Planet X- is easily detectable. And if, as some claim, Planet X is hiding behind the sun, it would now be at its fastest point and only there for a short time; so it would certainly have been detected by now.

5. The Solar Flare and Pole Shift theory: This theory was very much popularised by the Sony film- despite the fact that there are solar flares all the time! Solar flares vary over an 11 year cycle but there is absolutely no reason to expect a particularly bad cycle at this time and in all likelihood, it will be no different to what we already experience relative to solar flares every 11 years. The sun was due to reach its solar maximum around 2011 into 2012, but recent observations have suggested this will occur around 2013.

Both magnetic and physical Pole shifts are a reality. Presently, we are in the middle of a long magnetic pole shift. According to NASA, reversals take a few thousand years to complete and during that time- contrary to popular belief- the magnetic field does not vanish.

“It gets more complicated says Glatzmaier. Magnetic lines of force near Earth’s surface become twisted and tangled, and magnetic poles pop up in unaccustomed places. A south magnetic pole might emerge over Africa for instance, or a North pole over Tahiti. Weird. But it’s still a planetary magnetic field and it still protects us from space radiation and solar storms.”(5)

Proponents give no explanation as to why a major magnetic event per se should happen on December 21st 2012, nor indeed, why it should speed up. It is clear that the Pole shift theorists do not understand the concept and are taking a known concept that takes several thousand years to complete and making it sound like an overnight, nightmarish phenomenon to fit their preconceived notion!

The Physical Pole shift theory states that the actual crust of the earth will shift due to solar flares, Planet X or galactic alignment. However, this would require tremendous energy, which is not part of any cycle or natural event and no increase in solar energy would cause this, despite what Sony said!. Certainly the Poles have shifted by a few degrees in the past- a shift known as a “True Polar Wanderer;” but they have not reversed in response to physical events.

In the Texas A & M Oceanographer, William Sager challenges plate tectonic theory:(6)

“Our data set indicates that this polar shift took place at a rate between 5 and 10 degrees per million years.”
“Essentially, it happens within a blink of an eye in terms of geological time.”

So to say it happens in one day is clearly wrong- particularly as most use one of the former erroneous theories to back up their argument. Indeed, in terms of geological timescales, a day’s worth of activity simply would not be apparent.

Although Sony’s film 2012 sites Hapgood’s theory of earth crust displacement as an explanation, it is erroneous for many reasons, not least that Hapgood’s theory had nothing whatsoever to do with being the result of solar flares. Indeed, the theories sited on the film are more akin to those of Graham Hancock than Hapgood; they also fail to answer many important geological questions.

6. Enlightenment theory (also known as “transformationalist theory”): This is the earliest and least substantial theory, which states that there will be a physical and/or consciousness transformation en masse, leading to a new beginning. Often, it has an element of egotistical pride attached to it as in ”we know what’s happening!” Usually, it involves some type of channelled information- from spirits, aliens, ascended masters, angels etc. The thrust of this theory speaks of humanity suffering and the need to change. However, we are almost never told why Midwinter 2012 is the date of choice.

Several reasons are offered as to how this mass enlightenment event will take place:

• Earth’s alignment with the centre of the galaxy will open up a channel for cleansing cosmic energy to reach us;

• Earth will pass through a photon belt, nebula etc. This theory was popularised in a 1991 edition of “Nexus” magazine, which subsequently received a book linking 1994 from the book entitled “You are becoming a Galactic Human” by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle. They claimed to channel beings from the Sirian Council on a distant planet; others have done similar, most notably Barbara Hand Clow who talked about the Pleiadian Agenda instead of Siriuns. In reality, we are moving away from the Pleaides, not towards them, as this latter theory suggests. The core of the cluster is approximately 8 light years away. Thus, even if we were heading towards it, we would not be there by December 2012.

In fact, there are many other scientific reasons why this photon belt theory simply cannot be true, too numerous to discuss in this brief foray.

The logical question from here on is who benefits? Certainly, the most obvious reply is the media industry. Countless books and DVDs have been produced; then of course, Hollywood benefits substantially! Between 1999 and 2010, 92.3 million books sold in the historically recent mind/body/spirit category, 13% of which were “New Age!” Overtly, it is a movement led by people who claim to gain information from the spirit world and who are then in some way compelled to spread the “good news” about enlightenment etc. Even those Christians who challenge the theories believe it is a spiritual agenda being forced by “false spirits” that is prophesied in the infamous biblical “Book of Revelations.”

Certainly possession etc, is nothing new and worldwide, mythology- including our own- is replete with stories of such events. However, it is an ancient understanding with a sinister new twist to it. One of the most consistent of the 2012 themes is that religion is a problem; and whilst “religion” has several complex root meanings, the part wider culture focuses upon is that part of the definition which includes reference to race, culture and specific deities. The entire concept is presented in a quasi-religious context that calls for a New World Order, global peace in our global village etc and of course, a universalist mentality. People are no longer “religious,” but “spiritual,” using that definition allegedly to denote their advancement away from ethnocentric religion and into a universally tolerant human being- that is, providing you agree with them!

Money is being spiritualised: God now wants you to be rich; he no longer requires a vow of poverty in his service- quite the contrary! Money is described as “energy” and as such, it “wants to come to you” because there is infinite abundance: it is only your thoughts preventing it from flowing abundantly into your life! I wish! Interesting how they neglect to mention the usurious system it is integral to, and which has specific benefits inbuilt for a certain folk group! Meanwhile, an entire industry has evolved built upon “self development” which provides pop psyche methods and all manner of business tools aimed at helping you become rich! Grinning Noodles of all stripes abound!

But stand back and observe the pattern: what is really happening?

Time seems to be speeding up and technology overwhelms us. In our quest for endless productivity,we are losing touch with Nature; in particular, we know not how to deal with the patterns of death in its various forms. The thrust of our sanitised society demands that we just “get over it” and soldier on. Consequently as a society, we are exhibiting symptoms of dysfunction and psychotic breakdown, despite our fragile attempts to maintain the plastic edifice of relentless productive efficiency. We are being dragged through crises at every level with no time to regroup.

Clearly this philosophy is failing humanity! For all our efforts, our lives are a mess; and if we dare to open our eyes just a tiny bit, we see all around us the horror of decomposing corpses in the mighty charnel ground. We try to run and run we do- full pelt into the deep, black void, the great laughing, dancing Kali who is the source of life itself. And then, without the time, space and tools to deal with the shock, we dissolve from mania into depression, hopelessness, despair, desperation- or mere apathy.

This then, is the zeitgeist of the Kali Yuga, the Spirit of this Age. And stupidly, the vast swathes of the populace entrapped in the New Age and Materialist cultures are ignorant of the fact they are helping to perpetuate an agenda that hammers all in its wake. It is not some spooky spirits channelling information to us that we should be looking at; but rather, the spirit of the time- materialist culture with its universalist mentality that more critically, seeks to destroy the archetype. And as such, it is happening now, not at some arbitrary single date in the calendar.

Recall if you will, last year’s talk in which we spoke about the role of disaster capitalism with its relentless physical, mental, psychological and emotional stresses being foisted upon the archetype- the “shock and awe” tactics being employed to manipulate public behaviour for the benefit of the few in power. Recall Milton Friedman’s famous quote:

”Only a crisis, actual or perceived, produces real change.”(7)

And as we saw, it is in these crises times when people are totally disorientated that major changes are brought in which lock the folk evermore into Lokian slavery.

Many folk in this room are no stranger to depression which, in its various forms, is a natural reaction to the relentless machinations of the Kali Yuga aka the Wolf Age. Depression in itself has become a myth of biology; for it is a blanket term that replaces the detailed study of the varying human responses to loss and disappointment, which sees it as a biological disease requiring medication. However, no two individuals will experience a named loss in precisely the same way. Indeed, medications have been found to be the cause of suicides because it seems that in the dumbing down of the various mental states created by depression, the genuine defences against suicide that a mild depression often creates are short circuited; and if they are removed, the likelihood of desperate actions being taken are increased.

We have been taught to perceive virtually every aspect of the human condition as being subject to conscious, personal control and big pharma markets their products to play upon that illusory self-image: after all, we are made to feel it would be irrational and self-destructive to perceive the depression in any other way! The drugs, we believe, will return us to our former, cheerful selves! The sanitised medical approach coupled with the relentless wheels of consumerist culture mean we hold a monotheistic notion that life always has to be cheerful and relentlessly productive and that “something is wrong” if we don’t meet this standard; then that “something” requires a bandaid- whether medication or psychological tools such as cognitive behavioral therapies- so that life can continue unhindered.

And indeed, the ego complex would feel “something is wrong;” for pandering to its dominance (as the medical model does) is not the way of death’s patterning. Loss, depression, grief and melancholia are effectively death states involving the shattering of the ego and movement into a deeper state of awareness about life. In times past, our ancestors enacted rites of passage at crucial times such as moving from childhood into adolescence, adulthood, marriage, mother and fatherhood and beyond. Essentially, all helped us to learn death’s patterning through the different lenses of human experience; for all these changes involve liminal states where one territory is left behind for a new one. We have lost their wisdom. Our disconnection from the cycles of life includes cycles of the soul, of which melancholia, depression, grief, regret etc are a natural part akin to the winter of the seasonal cycles. It is the time which allows for deepening of the soul through introspection, exploration of the inner life and discovery of what gives our lives meaning.

Of course, this is not always a good thing for the elite who want to maintain a population of passive, clueless, unaware, bestial consumers! And since the spiritual/religious search for meaning in life is essentially hardwired into our souls and the souls of evermore folk are protesting in the language of malady, we are being relentlessly force-fed the empty, junk-food decoy of the quasi-religious to mask the void created by the collective monotheistic approach to life.

In the past, death and its sister states were regarded as being Saturnian in nature and astrologically, we all have Saturn cycles, one being at the so-called time of mid-life crises. Saturn is the knife that gouges out the crucible of our souls, deepening and enriching it with the soil of harsh experience. Perhaps we could look to the known practices of the ancient Greeks for inspiration: they made contemplative spaces and shrines to all of their gods, which actively recognised the entire spectrum of human experiences, including those of Saturn, as valid. We need to learn this polytheistic approach to the impact of our experiences, of making a space for the spirit of Saturn’s incursion into our lives and understand that in the construction of the soul, our whole pantheon contributes; for each god/goddess is an energy or aspect of our beings that has a role in the greater picture. Indeed, our moods, emotions and states of being are these very energies, the various deities working through us. Melancholia, depression etc are processes of ego deconstruction and rebuilding from the emptiness in a new creative light; this is the dark light of illumination where the soul plumbs aspects of the Hel Realms, so essential to its growth; and it is this state that is being denied us by being labelled as a dysfunctional malady.

Recall how last year, we spoke of one resident of New Orleans’ heavily damaged Lower Ninth ward who reported:

“When I rebuild the city I feel like I’m rebuilding myself.”(8)

This is how the soul seeks to make sense of loss, to give that loss meaning; and it is a process that takes time. From the abyss- the vortex of the black hole- arises a new vision for new life. The head of the raven transforms into the phoenix from the ashes. This is true soul-making, the alchemy that honours diversity, texturises life and gives it colour and depth thereby being true to the sacred cycle of Nature, the archetypal fylfot.

Recall how we discovered the response of the amygdala, that wise, deep unconscious part of our brains, to trauma- how it seeks to alert us to those sensory inputs that are not serving our survival needs and which are actively harming the archetype. The individual soul is integral to the archetypal folk soul and is faithfully doing its work by showing us what needs attending to. So do not dismiss so-called negative states, like depression, as a malady that needs to be quickly fixed by drugs- even though the medical and social drive is this very effect. Listen to your soul and learn what it needs: what makes it sad, dejected, happy and why. It is a process in which the soul has its own timeframe; hence, some individuals will indeed seem melancholic by nature. But they have as equal a role to play in the evolution of the archetype as the upbeat person, provided they use the state as a catalyst for deepening. Because as individuals, we are all connected through the morphic field of the folk. Many artists for instance, suffer great depression out of which may spring some of their best work. And what is art other than the monument of death’s lessons about life? This will bring you evolution because it is honouring the death state; and always, vibrant life springs from death’s loins. You must travel to Hel before you reach Asgard. The entire spectrum of our states of being is the Bifrost bridge; and it is through experiencing those states that the soul builds itself towards Asgard and thus, enlightenment. Hael Heimdal!

With technology as it is, don’t be surprised if the “shock and awe” pattern of the world stage brings on a fake disaster that will require a response of mass collaboration and some sort of urgent National Security accompanied by changes in world government. HAARP for example, can wipe out communications systems, affect population behaviour, bring devastating weather perturbations. Chemtrails can make swathes of the population sick. And these are just some of the elite’s resources we know about. These things are already happening; so between that and regular traumatisation of the populace (by for example, the post 9/11 fear mongering, the 2012 prophecies etc). this may well be enough to maintain the majority of the population as puppets to the Great Agenda.

Hence, in this dark light of illumination, we can see that whilst the 2012 has as its thrust the drive to a new beginning, it is an unnatural, illusory, monotheistic spirit that is being fostered, which fundamentally attacks the archetype whilst effectively pumping the collective ego-consciousness full of steroids. The 2012 myth is both tool and decoy. Its goal is nothing short of the destruction of the archetype and ultimately, the trapping of souls into a wholly material bound reality so they cannot gain enlightenment- a homogenous race of mutant orcs.

However, all is not lost:

“…the furious Horde of the dead warriors of Odin-Wotan which will return at the end of time as the last battalion, to fight the decisive battle for the return of the gods and the restoration of the Golden Age.”(9)

We folk of the Rite are armed with the sword of truth and justice, the grail of the heart, the wand of intuition and the ground of our rich heritage. We must stand strong, and still and focused in the eye of the storm. Enlightenment is- potentially- just a heartbeat away; so listen to your heart, for it contains eternity’s truth. And remember:

“….we are fighting so as to preserve a myth, a legend which flows through the “blood memory.” Defeat in the battles of this war will not be defeat if the myth is preserved in all its purity, because the archetype will rise like a phoenix from the bloodstained ashes.”(10)

Hael Odin-Wotan and the Shining Ones!
Hael the True Light of the Archetype!
Sig Sig Sig!


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