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The Myth of Ragnarok – As a Cosmic Event, Personal Event and as an Evolutionary Step Towards Odin Consciousness

By Arinbjorn OR The destruction wrought in the Ragnarok is a reflection of daily events that occur across the cosmos. Though the mythic Ragnarok is seen by the layman as an end of a story, in truth it merely details a period of cleansing and transition. This transition is visible to us on a daily basis as Sunna passes over the western horizon and the new day begins.

Feast of the Disir

The Disir are the ancestral mothers, the first of each of our ancestral line. There are around 400 votive altars raised all over Europe dedicated to ancestral mothers. Freya is considered the 'Queen of the Disir' due to her fertility and magical qualities, but Frigga could very well fill this role.