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Giants and the reliability of received mythology (from the Eddas, Snorri and Saxo)

There appear to be two main classifications of deity grouped together under the term "giant": great creative spirits, and the powerful guardians of certain localities - mountains and rivers, for instance.

A Reply to Charlemagne

MOST of us are familiar with the Saxon Oath of Renunciation which Charlemagne, Kaiser Karl, forced upon our Folk with the blessing of the Roman church. Among his many atrocities he destroyed our great religious centre, the Irminsul, in the year 772 and conducted mass baptism of POWs by force, even clubbing unconscious those who rightly objected. Those who continued to resist his Oath and still served the ancient gods of their fathers, lost their homes, their property and often their lives. Here now is my ritual response to all of this outrageous mummery, in which I have tried to use an entirely Germanic vocabulary, with no Mediterranean words (apart from 'prophet' and 'saint'):