Hierarchy of Needs


by Hyndla OR
A talk presented at the Great Moot 2257

Orchestrating the Chaos

Often over dinner conversation in our household, we discuss the chaos that surrounds our Folk. We are usually left grasping at exactly “why” the terrible things in this world are allowed to continue. Why do the powers that be allow the most despicable activities to continue? Interestingly enough there is an explanation. It begins with the business world…the economic world.

The Hierarchy
The explanation begins with an understanding of the social engineers that began their take over following WWII. The two pioneers who were instrumental in creating a hierarchy system that explained the social behavior of a majority of people from all walks of life were Abrams and Maslow. They created this explanation to better understand ways to keep people working. Much like the public school system was created to ensure factory workers for the future, the “Hierarchy of Needs” was created to maintain that workforce. For instance, some of the questions they were looking to answer were: What will make people stay with a company their entire lives? What makes people quit good jobs? What outside affects would create the atmosphere where a job can be left? In essence, they wanted to be able to manipulate people subliminally to make a better, more stable workforce. This “science” is called Organizational Behavior. (Hunt)

A pictorial of their ideas on social engineering would look like the pyramid left. As one can see, as with the familiar “food pyramid”, the largest and most crucial needs are larger, then the rather more lofty needs are smaller. This is because there are fewer and fewer people that are concerned with fulfilling these needs. Basically as one satisfies the base needs food, shelter, and safety, their minds are freed to expand into higher pursuits such as knowledge and the pinnacle of self-actualization. This is a very accurate observation of human behavior. As with much of biological psychology, it is how we as humans are hardwired. The key is recognizing the triggering language and orchestrated situations that cause reaction within our psyche. (Hunt)

Business Model

As businesses started, and still do, to implement measures that kept these social triggers in focus, they noticed how well they controlled people by controlling their environment. For instance, if a person is unhappy with their job and feel it is inhospitable (their safety), regardless of the amount of money being offered, the person will not stay with the organization. Well, how would that same person feel if there was a natural disaster, terrorist attack, etc…? All of the sudden, job security is paramount and he/she will put up with almost anything to maintain the job. People stay with organizations that offer more than a good wage. People want future security as in retirement, opportunity for growth within the company, possibility of continuing education, etc… As one can see, by simply creating a certain atmosphere the power structure can manipulate people’s actions. (Hunt)

Using the Hierarchy

We all must work to survive, that is reality. But we can help make our work a happier more productive place by choosing a workplace that uses the hierarchy to elevate their Business. Much happiness can flow from “the day at the office,” so make it a goal to have a workplace that is satisfying or a goal to educate yourself have such a workplace! Also, creating Folkish business. This may not be for everyone, but for those with an entrepreneurial spirit this maybe a do able future reality. Henry Ford was very admired because he treated his employees well. There was not need for unionized labor. We should use this example of how we can transcend the manipulation. Either way one is recognizing the manipulation and using it to his/her advantage.

Societal Model

The social engineers that feed us our news, make our laws, and mold public opinion know all too well the uses of such powerful messages. If ‘they’ can keep people worrying about their shelter and safety, they can ensure that they aren’t interested in educating themselves about what is happening around them. An excellent example, how many times have you heard regular “Joe six pack” say something to the effect of, “I can’t worry about that, I can only worry about my family and their safety,” or, “I am only worried about keeping my job, so I can keep {insert material treasure}.” The World Government is only interested in maintaining over-consumers and over producers. What better way to do that then to constant attack those material treasures, so the consumers want to protect it. Sadly, this is where most of society is stuck, in an endless loop of constantly satisfying the first two needs. Very few individuals choose to advance towards knowledge and self-actualization despite the manipulation of our world.

Safe Future

We care about our Folk and Family. When we feel it is attacked, we “turtle up” or “circle the wagons” to protect them. But as a Folk we cannot afford this inaction anymore. What does this inaction leave our successors? Just protecting one’s place in society only leads to the endless loop of self perpetuating problems. Our Folk are becoming marginalized. We are redefining ourselves more and more into a corner of non-existence…this self-aggrandizing mindset must STOP! It stops in our own heads. There is no cure except to take control of your own thoughts and recognize you have been manipulated into those thoughts. Say to yourself…”no more” and soon things will change for you and your Folk.


We can see this at play in every aspect of our lives. Look at who is made rich? Who are the icons of society? Who does most of society strive to be like? It is most apparent in our judicial systems around the world. How many people lament about the pedophiles that are allowed to walk free, yet someone who conspires with others to perform some crime get thrown in prison for the rest of their lives. It is important to note that if the ‘powers that be’ can orchestrate disasters either via things like HAARP, toxic water, health emergencies, and ‘terrorist attacks’, then they can ensure that the public will remain focused on these things as well as welcoming a host of laws to help fight those specters. An apropos quote, “Authoring the crisis, then offering a solution.” This is the Hierarchy manipulation at work. The public outcry is ignored to allow chaos to exist.


Stop worrying about the “local bar run by leftists.” Stop chest beating and protecting some delusion of grandeur by getting yourself incarcerated. Too many of our Folk, with misdirected energy, are sitting in a jail cell when they could be assets on the outside. More so, they also say, “don’t repeat our mistakes, work for our Folk’s future” and no one listens. We still have groups out there that maintain this macho chest thumping, self-destructive behavior. Look Forward…don’t let the spin doctors dictate your actions…exhibit self control. “We are lions, do lions swat every assfly that buzzes about annoying him/her?” (Asrekyr OR) NO!! Choose your battles, don’t have them chosen for you!


That chaos exists to maintain the rampant materialism and consumerism for the world economy and world government by manipulating the working and buying populace. The US, as well as the rest of the Western world, are the largest purchasers of all goods produced in the world! If they make food, goods, and shelter look great, offer wages to just cover purchasing them, or worse offer easily obtained credit to purchase those goods, then they will have life long consumers. Everyone has heard the phrase, “keeping up with the Jones’?” They need to control our behaviors so they can continue their march to total domination of all markets. Society has become well kept pets whose only pleasure is derived from home entertainment systems, flashy cars and faddish clothing. Society will do anything to maintain those “things”.

Alternative Economy!

Redefine your standards. Recognize that consumerism is driving your “needs” and not actual necessarity driving them. Look for ways to recycle, or buy used. Help support and institute alternative economy methods. Things like clothing exchanges, rummage sales, thrift stores, consignment stores, etc… are a bounty of treasures. Alternative economy takes great form on the internet with Freecycle, Craigslist, and in many instances Ebay. But better yet support local economy and community by buying local and Folkish goods. This will not only fight the hierarchy, but will stimulate change on several levels from local to National!


How many people find the news depressing? Do you find yourself more interested in light hearted, mind numbing programs and movies? Sometimes feeling so frustrated in your inability to change things or confused about the problem to even think of any kind of solution, so you look to escape via video games, computer time, etc…? You are being manipulated to do exactly that! Escapism is modern social engineers best tool for maintaining the status quo! What better way to diffuse free thought or interest in moving towards self actualization, then to allow cheap and easy methods of escaping life’s harsh realities! The government authors the crises, the media communicates it and our government offers the solution. In the case of media, the solution is to stay indoors, where it is safe and no one can get your family or your things, and escape through tv, video games, movies, etc… Is it any wonder that obesity is rampant in the Western world?

Healthy Mind

To fight the message of self-destruction, one only needs to stop listening. Control what comes in, so what comes isn’t reactionary and scripted. Turn off the TV and read the newspaper. Limit the computer to Folkish endeavors. If at all possible Home Educate your kids, friends’ kids, start an education co-op! Get your news from reliable Folkish sources. Finally, spend your hard fought resources on orgs that have your Folk in mind. In the world of controlled media, there are still plenty of alternatives.


Not only have the engineers attacked the very mechanism Mother Nature hard wired us with to adapt and evolve, they are attacking Mother Nature herself! By controlling our environment and our health, the engineers can stifle any thoughts of pursuit of the higher needs. These attacks go on unnoticed by the general public and are quite insidious and purposeful. From attacking our internal systems through vaccines to the very air we must breath and plants we must eat through genetic altering, pesticides and chem-trails, we are being manipulated physically as well as mentally.

Healthy Body

Take control of your health back. There are endless resources on the net and in any bookstore for Whole Health practices. Do not only focus on your health, but the health of your Folk in your sphere of influence. Give your friends simple alternatives to their unhealthy practices. They may balk, but at least you are doing your part to help break free from the crooked allopathic health community. Don’t know where to start? The OR website and its family of websites are chocked full of resources for alternatives. One will find that the money saved will be a boon, let alone how well one will feel!


The engineers created a perfect self-centered, ego-elevating religion that allows people to remain in the safe framework of the world government. A religion that espouses a father figure that they must defer all decisions and responsibility for decisions as well as their very life to, to simply get this metaphoric “pie in the sky”. Of course, this is the recipe for all middle-eastern religions: attaining the Kingdom of Heaven. They even created a mirror antithesis with Satanism—still feeding into those hedonistic ideals that are a mark of middle-eastern thought. This religion has claimed so many of the strongest and best of our Folk, that we sit here 2000 years later still reeling from its orchestrated chaos. The engineers’ plans are complete with total manipulation of Mind, Body and Soul. That is until flame of our Folk began to spark once again.

The Flame of our Folk

Odinism is about actualization through the self by attaining Odinic Self Actualization, and via the group through Folk Actualization. Yet our people simply cannot maintain a good thing when they have awakened! Our Folk still battle with their Hierarchy, so they cannot ever completely, or sometimes even remotely, tap into what is the Folk Soul. Many are still mired in wants of bigger, better houses, more money, maintaining wealth, etc… which unfortunately usually muscles out the needs of our Folk group, such as a stable Folk population. We battle consumerism, materialism and egotism constantly. How does this tide turn? How do we as a Folk stem the tide of destruction?

Support strong organizations that understand the Hierarchy and use it to better our Folk. The OR is such an organization. Critics of the OR often speak of our strict policies and unwavering discipline. Why is this? The OR maintains this discipline because we satisfy the members needs of safety, stability and shelter for their efforts in awakening. Our structure allows our members to relax their mind for knowledge and self-actualization. The OR wants our Folk to realize our full potential and that can’t happen in a loose, disorganized structure where members don’t know what is acceptable within the Folk group or worse, each Folk group has such varying and broad limits on what is acceptable it actually diffuses our ability to be a cohesive Folk. In short, turns the Hierarchy upside down, so instead of climbing to the top of the pyramid, our Folk can easily slide towards knowledge and self actualization. The OR offers framework so our members can free their minds and open their minds to the generations of Folk thought residing in our Folk Soul.

Our revolution is still in the awakening of our Folk Soul. Much like courage is the beginning and the action is the start. Redefine your thinking, change your thinking, embrace the Revolution!

Hail the Revolution!

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