Our Purpose

By Jeffrey Morales AOR
First published in ORB 210, Autumn 2258

Humanity has been, and continues to ask the question: “Where do I come from?” On a more individual level, we ask the question: “What is my purpose for being?” In 1665 Robert Hooke was the first person to use the word “cell”. The cell has been established as the most basic unit of life; for it holds the characteristics of all living things. Physical human form (the body) is a universe to trillions of living cells. Our spiritual consciousness can be viewed as one of an infinite number of cells within our conscious cosmic universe. We are each part of a greater “Oneness” that goes beyond our perception of life.

We all know life is a cycle of Birth-Life-and Death. What we may not fully understand is that our “Life Cycle” does not start at our individual birth but instead is another beginning from an infinite larger cosmic cycle. Evidence of this is the evolution of our knowledge and can be found more clearly in human beings who are considered “Gifted” or “Genius”. In the late 1800’s a young man named Harold Waldwin Percival attended a lecture in New York City held by Madam H.P. Blavatsky. The impact of that lecture led him to become an ardent member of the Theosophical Society and his work created The Word Foundation. In his written works he expressed the idea that knowledge (life experience) is recorded or imprinted and upon death returns to the cosmic consciousness “Whole” until it is imparted to another physical body so the conscious spirit may continue their cycle of development. The evidence of genius is seen in artists, musicians, thinkers, and leaders. However it is not limited to examples of greatness; for the true incubator of greatness comes from the compass humans share with one another. We may not be able to always see the “Ripple Effect” of our actions; yet it exists in everyone’s lives. What we do now in this life may affect people for generations. The more we learn and pass on, the greater impact we can make. Human evolution relies on genius because these individuals who usually lack the social development of others are not inhibited by things like fear, superstition, or social acceptance. It is from their tenacity and curiosity humanity will continue to evolve and grow.

For example: The Greek Philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.), who has been referred to as the “Father of Biology,” has extensive written works about human physiology. Despite the limitations in his time because the most prominent philosophers regarded human dissection & experimentation as extraneous, he was surprisingly correct in many things. Almost a century later, Aristotle’s work was continued, leading to the first known human dissection by Erasistratus, and further continued by a Roman Court Physician named Galen (133-200 C.E.). Galen’s work from the foundation of Aristotle’s work lasted almost 1400 years until the genius of the versatile Leonardo DaVinci began to dissect the human body systematically. Later it was Versalius who in 1543 published an anatomical treatise whose detailed illustrations are still classics today.

Aristotle, along with Plato, also held profound influence on Medieval Alchemy. Plato stressed that actual things are reflections of transcended ideas; and that it is those ideas that are objects of true knowledge that are captured in our memories. This can imply that the human body; which is a fascinating and complex vehicle provides the housing for our conscious spirit to develop in stages before returning once again to the incalculable spiritual cells of the conscious cosmos.
So what can we learn from the human genius of history or even our own individual ancestral heritage? We can learn that imagination is the doorway to evolution and its path is knowledge, with our imagination we can seek out the unknown and let it inflame our inner desire to find the answers. We as individuals don’t need to change the world on a grand scale (simply our presence does that) or obtain materialistic success to gauge our worth. Simply by seeking the maximum potential within ourselves and being a positive influence to those around us can create that “Ripple Effect” which can have profound ramifications for generations to come.

No one can know what effect they will have on the future, but if you remind yourself and accept that you are an important part of the conscious universe and live, learn, grow, and share the positive aspects of your being, your spirit will become an ever increasing influence for humanity and it’s generations to come. And your spiritual cosmic cell will be part of the universal whole-forever.