By Hariulf OR

The Great Moot of the Odinic Rite is always a very special moment for me and it’s always a moment that I wait with great anticipation. It gives me the opportunity to see old comrades and meet new ones, to talk about our faith, to participate at the Blot and to have a good time with good comrades.

But this year (2011), the GM was an event even more special for me because it was during the GM that I took the Oath of Profession.

The decision to take the Oath of Profession was a very long process. I am not a person who makes decisions on a whim. Some years have passed now since I joined the Rite. I must say that from my first contacts with the OR, I knew it was an organization where I would feel good, and I knew that I made the right choice. For me, as a French speaking person, choosing the OR was certainly choosing the path of quality (even if the OR is not widely known in the French speaking countries, the OR has a very good reputation) but also a most difficult way. At the time of my membership, my English was far too limited. But despite this I felt immediately comfortable and welcome.

With time, my English improved a bit, so I could start to get more involved, especially through the Edelweiss Hama. The Hama has been a great help in the process of my integration into the OR and also a great source of motivation for me. The Hama gave me the motivation to work on translations, to help to promote the Rite in French speaking countries etc. With time, my commitment and my dedication grew. I found in the Rite exactly what I was looking for: a disciplined and structured organization with good leadership, an organization which is moving forward, an organization that does not just talk – but acts.

On a more personal level, the Rite brought me a lot. Since I joined the Rite, I evolved a lot both mentally and spiritually. For example, I gained much self-confidence. For years, I suffered for a lack of self-confidence. To be honest, a few years ago I would have been unable to send this article to the ORB. I would have been too afraid that people would find it stupid, poorly written and who knows what else.

I also had the opportunity to meet people at the GM and it has reinforced the idea that I had chosen the right organization. I have enjoyed the OR’s hospitality, nobility and comradeship. With time I felt less and less isolated and more integrated into the OR.

Over time, I thought that it was time for me to consider the possibility of being a professed member of the OR. In being aware of the importance of the oaths taken during the Ritual of Profession, I have reflected much about it. I also spoke with my wife, Séverine, because she always gives me good advice. After long deliberation I decided to take this important step.

I took advantage of a moment during the GM 2259 to discuss the possibility of my Profession with Asrad. He reminded me the importance of this ritual and he invited me to think very seriously, to read and re-read the ritual and to re-contact him about the profession in a few months if I was sure of my decision. And that’s what I did. I thought about it, I spent a lot of time meditating about it, I read and re-read the ritual of Profession, and as time passed, I was sure of my choice. So I made my request to the CG and some months later the long awaited reply came, and it was positive.

After talking with Asrad, we agreed that my profession would be led by him and would take place during the Great Moot. In this connection, I really want to thank Heimgest and Asrad for that. For me it is really a great honour and a privilege. And it means a lot.

The long awaited day finally arrived. I must say that despite the few beers of the night before, the stress quickly took over. As the decisive moment approached, my heart was beating very strongly in my chest. I think the only times I was so excited and nervous were at the births of my daughters. Shortly before the ritual, Asrad called me to explain how things would happen. I also had a little conversation with Eowyn, who found the right words to calm me down. Thanks go to her.

When the time came, Asrad called me before all those assembled including Séverine. For me it was really important that she be present.

It’s very difficult to describe in words the feelings I had during my Profession, but they were very deep and very powerful. As Asrad spoke the words of the Rite of Profession and I answered in turn, I felt a great stillness and serenity. It was as if I was surrounded by a multitude of positive and vibrant energies. Again, it’s really hard to describe such feelings in words. I think it’s a very personal experience. All I can say, is that I had the most profound Odinic experience of my life. I am now truly a part of Odin’s Holy Nation. Before our Gods, our Ancestors, my Comrades, my dear Wife and all of Creation I was made whole, I was renewed!

Finally, I would like to thank Asrad for kindly leading my Profession, but also for his support, advice and help since I joined the Rite. A big thank you to Heimgest for allowing me to be professed during the GM, it means a lot to me. Thanks to Séverine for her unwavering support, I’m really a lucky man. Thank you to all my OR comrades present at the GM, it was a great honour and a privilege to have you as a witness at my Profession. Thanks to Paolo and Kveldulf from Comunita Odinista, your presence at this event means a lot for me because I consider you as part of my family. I still have many people to thank personally for their inspiration (Hengest, Hyndla, Jenn, Mike Boyd etc…). You’re too many so I cannot name each of you, but you are not forgotten. A big thank you to you all my Sisters and Brothers in the Odinic Rite!

Hael the Odinic Rite!
Hael Odin’s Holy Nation!
Hael the new Awakening!