Odinism, Youth and Morality

By Sam Coles If the youth of a people are not educated from a young age about the ways of their Folk, and taught to love, celebrate and preserve the Folk customs that have grown and evolved as their Folk evolved, then their and their Folk’s raison d’etre will gradually disappear, and be lost. The old guard can only keep the customs alive for as long as they are physically able, and if there is no young blood willing to learn from the older folk, to receive the banner and continue marching forward proudly, the result will be obvious and tragic.

Odinic Ritual: The purpose and need for Dance

During this summer’s Odinic Rite Folk Camp, I gave a talk and demonstrated a ritual dance, which was composed from Morris dancing steps of the Cotswold tradition. You can watch a video of this dance at the end of the article. The reason I decided to perform this dance at the Folk Camp was because I wanted to show those who had not considered it before, that ritual dance has great potential for Odinism in the Modern World.