The Conscious Individual

By Jeffrey Morales AOR You are going to die! This is not exactly what people want to be reminded of, but it's in everyone's future so there's no point in hiding from it. Some of us may try to circumvent the Grim Reaper by renting freezer space for our heads or invest in DNA cloning to create a new healthy body. Death is one of the greatest ironies in human thinking. Almost everyone (through various interpretations) believes they possess an infinite divine spirit within them. If the spirit in you lives forever; then what's the big "fear" of death for?

Quantum Mechanics, the New Physics, and Odinism

By Phil AOR

If the title of this article leaves you feeling puzzled, please take a second to compose yourself. Like the game of chess, the basics of Quantum Mechanics are quite easily explained, although a more detailed study might well involve years of dedication. Put simply, Quantum Mechanics is the scientific observation of sub-atomic particles. A sub-atomic particle is anything smaller than an atom - an electron, for example.