The Earth

The Earth is of the utmost importance in the ethical, mystical and magical system followed by the Circle of Ostara. Not the Earth as a literary abstraction to be discussed in smoke-filled city rooms but the Earth as an actuality - our living planet.

An Odinist view of Original Sin

Christianity's morbid emphasis on man's sinful nature and on the fall from grace not only leads to the cults of confession, penance and self-mortification, which seem so antiquated and perverse to naturally minded people nowadays; it also encourages a sense of utter dependence, both moral and spiritual, on a god.

The Christian Doctrine of the Incarnation - An Odinist view

OF ALL the doctrines of the Christian church it is the Incarnation which, the Christians themselves boast, distinguishes theirs most from other religions, both monotheistic and polytheistic. The Incarnation describes the Christians' belief that a god came down from heaven to earth and became a man.