Creation - A tribute to Hervor OR

By Aeswyn OR First published in OR Briefing 224 following the departure of Hervor OR from this realm. I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Hervor and have said that she was an inspiration to me. I now feel that I need to take that statement further to quantify that remark.

Hail Hervor OR - Katherine 'Kit' Kershaw (1930-2012)

On September 13th 2012 ce. one of the Odinic Rite’s finest members passed from this realm. Hervor OR joined the Rite in the 70s along with her husband Asbjeorn. Both had been Odinists before joining the Rite and had long been dedicated and active in advancing our Holy religion and our Folk in both the esoteric and exoteric arenas.