by Heimgest DCG

As we know, our Mythology is multi-leveled so not only are we able to access it no matter how far along our individual evolutionary path we may be, but we can find wisdom within it to apply to all areas of our lives.

The myths are in fact an illuminated path to our higher development and realizing our super-conscious awareness, which we can call Odin or Asgarth Consciousness. To achieve that we must overcome our small or limited ego.

Now what is meant by ego can be very complex and often overcoming the ego is erroneously thought to be an annihilation of consciousness or being. This is not true, for in overcoming the limited ego, one realizes a higher consciousness than that attainable while the limited ego is still dominant. We can (for the purpose of this article at least) define ego as `conscious awareness`, and it is needed for us to function in this realm. It is in a way a sum of our sensory organs data and by it we are able to think, make decisions and act in this realm.

However we usually operate only from the dictates of the `limited ego`, which will inhibit our ability to `tune in` as it were to our intuitive faculties. We will gain an incorrect perception of what we are, and believe that we are in fact, the limited ego.

There are various paths, which lead to the overcoming of this transient ego, this limited self, and attaining higher consciousness. For our folk, our natural path to do this is Odinism and it is the Odinic myths, which illuminate our path to this liberation.

An important part of the practices which advance us along this path, is training our mind to be focused, to “listen“ to the inner wisdom of true intuition and not be directed outward only so that we chase external stimulus and react to these with random thoughts. We know our Gods exist outside us and within us; we call for this understanding at each of the twelve monthly Blotar when we talk of properly using the divine powers within us.

Silence, or periods of silence play an important part in such practices, or advancing along these paths to higher consciousness. In today’s society it is often extremely difficult to obtain silence. Indeed, to many people, silence has become something to avoid, it has become unnatural to their lives and if they encounter it, they become anxious or afraid. It seems to go hand in hand with the terror some feel at being alone. Think of how many people who switch on a TV as soon as they come home from work or shopping or wherever. They enter their home; it may be quiet so they turn on some device, which instantly gives some sensory distraction. Of course a TV not only bombards the ears but the eyes also, it dominates the senses. How many households are there where the TV is almost constantly on? How many times have you visited someone and the TV is left on, distracting conversation? And of course this continual dulling of the senses (for this is what it is) leads to an ever more ignorant population. Now when I say ignorant I do not mean stupid as such, I mean unknowing.

There was an old saying “empty vessels make the most noise“ and it can often be seen that those who lead the most shallow lives, have the most shallow of thoughts and concerns are in fact the most consistently “noisy people“ who constantly surround themselves with hubbub of one sort or another. Often they will fill every second of their waking day with noise, with sensory distractions and even fall to sleep at night with the TV or radio on. I know of some people who say they cannot go to sleep unless the radio or TV is playing. And then of course they take this distraction with them into sleep consciousness. Which means they are opening themselves even in the sleep process to all the banality the TV pumps out, and all the propaganda.

Noise of one sort or another is constant with them. If it seems “too quiet“ then they will often create noise themselves, and even if they have nothing remotely sensible to say, they will feel impelled to make inane and stupid comments, banal little jokes and what are intended as witty comments, but all they are is noise pollution. And given this craving for outer noise and sensory experience, this will also be reflected inwardly. Their thoughts will be cluttered with shallow images and concerns, a kind of mental noise as it were. Sometimes this is in fact a kind of defence against deeper thoughts, which may be uncomfortable.

It is typical today in the age of cyber-reality and fast food, and instant gratification, that many people also believe there can be an easy and instant spiritual advance, which requires no real effort at all, no change in the day to day routine they currently have, no change in any of their habits and pleasures. But like anything worthwhile, advance has to be worked at and learning silence is one of the important steps.

Silence is often forgotten in this procedure, yet it is vital. Now of course, we never experience total silence in this realm, even if we go for sessions in isolation tanks there will not be silence for after a period of adjusting we will hear the sounds of our physical life, our breathing, our heart beat and the blood coursing through our veins. In a forest we will become attuned to the sounds of the forest, insects humming, the whisper of leaves, the creaks of trees etc. But these sounds, being natural, are of an entirely different `nature` to those we experience in our towns and cities; in our cars in fact any place where “civilization“ is apparent. It is the same as the fact we are never truly alone, always there are other beings around us and the High Ones never turn from us, we can though, forget how to see and hear and experience them.

In our mythology, Heimdal could be seen as a God of sacred silence (though of course other Deities have an aspect of silence to them). Heimdal has acute hearing; he can hear wool grow on a sheep’s back. Of course Heimdal also sounds the Gjallar Horn announcing the Ragnarok.

Now of course the myths are not meant to be taken as literal but as expressions of essential truths. We have seen in other articles how these attributes relate to the attaining of higher consciousness. Heimdal guards the bridge to the realm of higher consciousness and sits as a silent sentinel. In this silence his hearing becomes ultra sharp. This is, symbolically explaining how in silence, we `hear` more clearly, instead of hearing the hubbub of the mundane world and focusing on that, we attune to the deeper realities. To cross to the higher realm of Asgarth, to feast with Odin and the High Ones, we must cross that bridge guarded by Heimdal. The White God stands as guard and guide to the higher realms. When we attain this level, then we `feast with the High Ones until the Ragnarok. Like all our myths, the myth of this great battle is applicable on many levels, but in this instance it is an allegory for the final overcoming of the limited ego and finding the liberation of becoming truly aware. Some refer to this as enlightenment some as attaining cosmic consciousness, the name isn’t really that important.

Ragnarok is heralded by the sounding of Heimdall’s horn which resounds through all realms. This is the sound of cosmic consciousness, which is heard as we approach Odin consciousness, the full realization of the Divine Powers within. And that knowledge brings a true understanding of existence, a knowledge of things in all realms so it `resounds` through all creation. Yet we will not hear it if we do not still the din of the mundane levels of reality, and to learn to be ‘silent’ so we can `hear` is vital to this stilling.

There are various exercises one can practice to develop this `listening to silence` and bringing a more focused and calm mental state. All OR Hamas are required to practice these, but they would be beneficial for all members to practice them.

The first of these exercises will be familiar, as its method has been detailed previously in ORB, and that is meditation with focus on the breath. This exercise should be conducted as previously set out in previous ORBs, Tyrsson OR has detailed this fairly recently, so I shall not go over its process again now. But I will emphasise that for this particular exercise, the important thing is to be still and quiet so you can `be with yourself`. That is you can be aware of your body and the sensations you feel. You will also be aware of your thoughts. Allow them to drift to you, but do not become lost in them. Observe them and let them drift away. In time you will be able to attain a calm and relaxed (yet very aware) in which the mind is quiet, and in that quiet it will achieve a far greater clarity.

A second exercise is to consider everything you are going to say mentally before you actually say it during the day. Before uttering any words, first think exactly what you want to say and then decide if it is worth saying. Avoid making any negative remarks (or at least keep them to a minimum). If you have nothing to say, then say nothing. This will bring awareness that much of the time we do engage in basically pointless chatter. We also often speak without properly thinking, or make reflex responses. Or we may feel we need to say something just to avoid a silence, which may seem awkward.

A third exercise should be done with a partner. Choose a day when you are able to spend time together doing something together as partners, but in silence. It may be going for a hike, or preparing and eating a meal, exactly what isn’t important, so long as it is something where you would usually be talking. It is likely that though there is silence between you, in that silence the sense of sharing the experience becomes more intense.

By practicing such exercises, we will be developing a calmer and more focused mind and so by silence, we truly come to hear more clearly.

Hail the High Ones

Hail the Rite

Hail the New Awakening