OR Year Word Walk

Start the new year off with this fun printable to help you learn our Odinist names for the months. Try to figure out which of the months goes where and work your way from start to finish!

Re-membering the Wheel of the Year - Part 1

In recent times, 'new physics' has shown that the whole exists within the part just as much as the part exists within the whole. In quantum physics, this is known as holographic theory. Of course, our ancestors knew this principle well and Odinic mythology consistently shows this truth.

The Odinic Rite Year - Major monthly blotar and ‘secondary’ dates/festivals

The major monthly Blotar are fully explained in our Book of Blotar which is recommended reading and available from the Rite. Of course Hearths and individuals should not restrict themselves to only one Blot a month. Daily rituals are also given in the Book of Blotar and a few 'secondary' dates/festivals are given here.