It is one of the great majesties of Odinism that our mythology is multi-layered and is therefore accessible to the Odinist at all levels of personal development. While this may at times be confusing to those studying the faith from a non-experiential point of view, to those actually and truly practicing it, it is a way of learning and growing.

The Rose

The ROSE is the national flower of England and is thoroughly intertwined with our history. The old name for these islands, Albion, is said to have been taken from the white rose and all our past seems to be haunted by roses, both red and white.…

The Yarrow

The yarrow grows in abundance all over Europe and most of the temperate and sub-Artic parts of the globe. It is generally denigrated and despised by gardeners, who call it a weed, and work diligently to eradicate it from their lawns and flowerbeds.…

Cardiff Castle's Stained Glass

ARTISTIC representations of the Odinist pantheon and Eddaic mythology are remarkably rare, especially when compared with the mass of paintings and sculptures depicting classical subjects. Thus the beautiful and inspired series of stained glass…