A War Of Words And Wit: A Literary Analysis Of The Hárbarðsljóð

by Casey AOR Contrary to mainstream belief of Old Norse culture, intelligence was a highly valued characteristic of men, sometimes even more so than strength and power. Therefore, it is no surprise that the chief god of the Norse, Odin, disguised here as the ferryman Harbarth, is the patron of not only warriors but also the wise.

Odin and the Tower

By Harry S AOR Nothing could escape Odin’s eye when he sat in his High Seat of Hlidskjalf. He would cast himself onto its velvet upholstery, and let his mind move over all the worlds. One particular day, not so long ago in the memory of our people, he sat there and gazed over the multiverse.

From a Word to a Word

By Volksieg AOR Language is one of the greatest tools and gifts mankind has ever wielded. Imagine a world without language? The rich inner world we each inhabit and explore cannot even take shape without the tools which language has provided.

Onwards, Our Folk!

A poem by Suzi Marsden in honour of all those who have fallen in defence of faith, folk and family.

To Each His Own

by Ludwig Fahrenkrog (translation by Hariulf OR) Your dark churches do not please me! I prefer the bright and shining sun! And my women are a thousand times more dear to me Than your painted Madonna

Doorway To Valhalla

I have thoughts I can't express, In words I don't yet know; About a Land that's best, To which I'm soon to go.

Donar Chant

By Juleigh Howard Hobson AOR For Hallowing the house and hall And every one who comes to call An iron nail is in the wall. Hail Thor!

Identifying and analysing allegory in Germanic Folklore – Part One: The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

by Sam Coles AOR The Folk Tales of Europe are a treasure that many of our folk overlook, often belittling them as at best children’s stories, and at worst condemning them as utter nonsense not worth the paper they are written on. This is a terrible error of judgement, because as many of us will know, such tales often contain the Folk-Wisdom of our ancient ancestors (albeit encoded in allegory), and such wisdom is often said to be far greater than any we possess today in our endless search for ‘knowledge’.

Enchanted Forest

By Aeswyn OR I gazed in awe at the beautiful landscape before me, a delicate forest of silver white trees. The topmost branches heavy and bent under the weight of curling and intertwined foliage. Shaped so by some long departed and forgotten gale. Nothing moved in this enchanted and enchanting scene.

Heimdal, the Shining One

By Sam Coles AOR Armour of silver, helmet golden, Sword of gleaming sun-fire, The Defender of Asgard’s peaceful realm.

Spirits of the Land

By Aeswyn OR Out of the ether they come to us Those spirits ethereal. But there is no place For them to dwell.