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Temporary Temples

by Eowyn OR

There are times in our lives when wyrd plunges us into some very difficult circumstances. So when synchronicities suggest that you do something, which ostensibly is going to contribute to their deepening, one questions the sanity of the decision! Such has been my situation with practically no income to replenish my dwindling reserves. So when synchronicity tapped me on the shoulder and showed me an opportunity to fulfil an ambition to visit and experience the energies of a couple of crop circles, I had the most seriously sombre conversation with my inner Bag lady! Happily, the loopy lady consented with a toothy grin- and is still smiling manically!


Earth Day Healing Rite

Planet Earth is a living, breathing entity. We have all at some point in our schooling come across the subject of geography, which describes Earth’s terrain in terms of Her structure- mountains, continents, rivers, rocks and so forth. This is her skeleton.

The Stinging Nettle – A paradoxical Green Goddess

It seems they lurk everywhere (if rarely in BC!): by roadsides, railway lines, in ditches, on rubbish tips! For many, they comprise a major division of an army of rebellious weeds that constantly threatens an otherwise perfect garden with imminent siege. And worse still, a brush with the ubiquitous nettle seems as a fiery bite from an evil green dragon!