By Eowyn OR

Planet Earth is a living, breathing entity. We have all at some point in our schooling come across the subject of geography, which describes Earth’s terrain in terms of Her structure- mountains, continents, rivers, rocks and so forth. This is her skeleton. Classical science regards Her as nothing but a mud ball on which we stand as it hurtles through space. It is an alienating conception and, as we are discovering to our cost, it is also erroneous; for the web of life connects and interpenetrates all of existence. Whilst Odinists are well aware of this fact through the wisdom of our ancient mythology, it may still surprise some to learn there is also another way of understanding Mother Jorth that was known to our ancient ancestors. Whilst geology and geography investigate Her material dimension, there also exists knowledge of Her subtle structure, which is akin to the study of acupuncture. The Earth has subtle energy lines, leylines being just one type of many meridians that criss-crosses her body. The ancients often erected sacred structures at particularly powerful nodes, structures such as Stonehenge in Wiltshire and the Great Pyramid at Giza. Further, each continent- except Antartica- has one major power point, known as an Earth chakra; there are seven in total and many minor ones across the globe. Doubtless, some folk reading this will be familiar with the fact that we too have chakras; and so do most sentient creatures. The purpose of chakras is to maintain health and to transmit and receive information; they are like organs that are responsible for our level of vitality. They are vortices of energy that continually mulch the energies around and within us, transforming and transmuting them, hopefully towards health and balance. Each chakra has a specific range of frequencies and purpose at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. For example, the base chakra relates to our own physical body support- spine, legs, bones, immunity and so forth. Energetically speaking, it relates to tribal power and our feelings of security etc. If any of these aspects are compromised through illness, we know there is an imbalance pertaining to that chakra and can seek to redress it. Likewise, each of the other six major chakras have specific frequencies and modes of operation at the physical and energetic levels, which we do not need to elaborate upon in this item.

At each of the central sacred sites on Mother Jorth’s chakras, there are stories, myths and symbols that illuminate the purpose of that particular point within the context of her whole. As with the human energy field, the energy from these points are like great vortices and they extend outwards in every direction, including downwards into the centre of the Earth. Hence, the folk who reside in those areas will, to some degree, manifest the energies of place and again, to a greater or lesser extent, this will be reflected in their own sacred myths. Thus, there is a constant and complex system of dynamic communication between the Earth and its inhabitants. The mediums for that energetic exchange are the elements of fire, air, water and earth united by the spiritual ethers. The ancients understood that all life is composed of various combinations of these substances- although in strict esoteric truth, no one single substance can exist in its absolute pure form within this realm. Nevertheless, we all know what they are in their physical form and it is that to which we relate. It is also obvious that our own bodies are manifestations of these basic elements: our skeleton and material body is like the Earth, our blood and other bodily fluids are of water, our breath is of air and our bodies generate heat through its processes and activity, which is of fire. Within their more subtle forms, the elements influence our consciousness to manifest characteristics: so for example, we often describe such things as passion, dynamism, anger etc. as fiery, quick thinking, new ideas, changeability as airy, gentleness, serenity, emotionalism as watery and dependability, strength and stoicism as earthy characteristics. All these manifestations are united and pervaded by our soul and spirit.

Thus, to seek to comprehend the earth and cosmos, the ancients looked within using the ancient “technologies” of yoga, meditation, ritual and other practices. Iin doing so, they lived harmoniously with the earth and were able to maintain health and balance using folk medicines, which themselves were products of the Earth harvested and used ritualistically in Her honour. But as the greater cycles of time have moved and descended into the great Kali Yuga, so too has our sacred communion and innate understanding of ourselves as a hologram of Her shifted; and She has become lost to us because we no longer understand Her language. So we pollute and defile the “ball of mud,” taking anything we want without a second thought, pillage Her and expect inexhaustible supplies of Her bounty without honour and respect.

However, having lost sense of out true connection with Her, we fail to realise that in harming Her, we harm ourselves. Just as wild forests are being lost and more and more animals are exiting Midgarth in a process known as extinction, so too do we lose something within ourselves; for the very nodes in the fabric of life are coming loose and being lost through the loss in Nature: for our soul is Her’s and vice versa. When considered in this way, it is perhaps therefore no surprise that the quality of health and wellbeing for so many people is diminishing; for even if we have lost our ability to perceive the connection, the deficit is nevertheless a reality that is hobbling us. One might well wonder how much of the depression and mass psychosis- not to mention the increasing number of “new” illnesses we are seeing in society- are a direct consequence of our souls perceiving and experiencing this loss.

And Mother Jorth cries out for healing…

However, all is not lost! The good news is that we can use this very understanding of ourselves as a hologram of the Earth to bring healing to both ourselves and Her. April 22nd is Earth Day. For many folk, this entails such important projects as raising awareness of the need to “be green,” campaign work, doing site clean-ups etc. And wherever possible, this should be done as a priority; for it is vital work: we must be responsible caretakers for Mother Jorth. We must look after Her body and through such work, Her soul because we and all sentient life depend upon Her for our own sustenance. However, for some folk, work and family responsibilities may well make such activity infeasible. So as an alternative, an “energy clean-up” can be done in the form of an intentional meditative ritual, which I shall outline shortly. It’s purpose is to more fully awaken personal awareness of your connection to Mother Jorth and to feel at a deeper level that through communion with your own chakra system and Her’s in ritual, healing and strengthening for all will occur whilst the channels within the folk soul are reopened to the Earth thus allowing the dynamic interplay of energies between Her and us to flow more freely.

I would urge you to read through the format first as there are some initial preparations you will need to make. It will also allow you to understand the whole picture of what you are doing more easily. Familiarise yourself with the photos of the Earth’s chakras. You do not need to remember these, just be aware of which picture corresponds to which chakra. If you do not know where the chakras are on the human energy system, look at the picture of the chakras and the description of their location and find where they correspond on your own body.

Prepare for the ritual by pouring some clean water into a glass. Hold the glass reverentially in your cupped hands and meditate for a few minutes upon the water. Think about the importance of water as a life-giving element upon which our lives depend. Consider how it cleanses our bodies, both within and without, transports nutrients, waters all growing things. See the power of this benign looking substance as it cuts streams, rivers and mighty oceans into the face of the Earth, rains upon us as a gentle shower or a torrential downpour; consider its paradoxical nature on which we rely for life and drink in the awareness of such. Now hold the glass to your heart and feel gratitude for this precious substance you hold between the palms of your hand. Water is electromagnetic in nature; its structure alters according to the energies directed at it and this micro-structure influences the amount of prana it mediates. The highest energy frequency you can direct at it is love for Mother Jorth and a genuine feeling of gratitude for life. Meditate on this for as long as you feel you need to.

Now place the glass upon your alter ready for the ritual. Ward your ritual space by making the sign of the holy fylfot at each of the cardinal points in a clockwise manner, above and below. Then perform the hammer sign as described in “The Book of Blotar” and light the sacred fire, also as described therein. Next seat yourself in your preferred meditative position. You will need the pictures of the Earth chakras in front of you. Take a few moments to calm and centre yourself using several slow, deep, cleansing breaths as you remind yourself of the purpose of the ritual. Then continue to breathe in a calm, regular and relaxed manner.

Gently bring your awareness to your root chakra. As you breathe, focus your breath upon your root chakra and feel the energy of intention direct your breath to it. Continue doing this for several cycles of breath and simply allow any feelings, images etc. to arise and recede as you maintain focus upon the flow of the breath through the chakra. When you feel comfortable, look at the picture of Mother Jorth’s first chakra- Mount Shasta in Northern California. Remember you are a hologram of Mother Jorth and so you are a part of the mountain and it is a part of you, connected via your own root chakra. Feel your breath connecting your own root chakra with Mount Shasta and see it cleansing both like a breath of fresh air blowing away the cobwebs on a beautiful spring day. It is possible you will feel a merger at some level, but do not force it; just focus your intention on the work of your breath. Continue for as long as you feel the need.

Next, slowly bring your awareness back to yourself and take a deep breath. Then focus your attention upon your sacral chakra and repeat the process described above as you connect your sacral chakra with Mother Jorth’s second chakra, Lake Titicaca in South America. Repeat for each of the seven chakras.

Once you have completed your connection with your seventh chakra and Mount Kailash in Tibet, return once more to awareness of yourself and meditate upon your oneness with Mother Jorth: all you do touches her soul because you are integral to Her body as She is to your’s. Feel this connection with every fibre of your being as clear channels of awareness that permeates your very cells. Feel it radiate outwards all around you, touching everyone you meet so that you are a living beacon for our folk whose authenticity vibrates like a powerful heartbeat from the very roots of Mother Earth Herself.

Now take up your energised glass of water and slowly and reverently drink of it and feel it as a vibrant cleansing river racing through you and the earth simultaneously, sloughing away all negativity, all pollution. Offer the last of it in gratitude to a nearby plant (or save it to pour on a plant outdoors later). Feel joyfully revived and renewed. Close the ritual with the hammer sign.

You have now evoked all the elements for this healing: your action and lighting the sacred flame is fire, your breath and intention is air, your feeling and the glass of water is of course, water and your body and beingness is of the earth. All are united with Mother Jorth through your soul and through the ethers by your spirit, which is eternal. You and Mother Jorth are one.

This ritual can of course, be done at any time because self-healing and earth healing are constantly needed. We may celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd but in reality, it is 365 days a year and 366 in a leap year!

Hael our Holy Mother Jorth!

Hael the New Awakening!

Sig Wunjo





Chakra 1

Mount Shasta, Northern California

Chakra 2

Lake Titicaca, South America

Chakra 3

Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia

Chakra 4


Glastonbury, England

Chakra 5

Great Pyramid, Egypt

Chakra 6

Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran

Chakra 7

Mount Kailash, Tibet



Chakra 1- base chakra: base of the spine and coccyx

Chakra 2- sacral chakra: lower abdomen to navel area

Chakra 3- solar plexus chakra: below the ribs and above the navel

Chakra 4- heart chakra: centre of the chest

Chakra 5- throat chakra: throat area

Chakra 6- third eye chakra: centre of the forehead between the eyebrows

Chakra 7 crown chakra: top of the head.


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