Backorders Policy

Although we offer clothing items in a range of sizes and colours, it would be prohibitively expensive for us to hold stock of all possible combinations at all times.

With this in mind we are happy to take orders via our Backorders Section for any items not in stock and will send the items out as soon as we are able. Backorders should be made separately to orders for items which are in stock unless you are prepared to wait for the whole order.

By placing any backorders you are agreeing that you understand that there may be some delay in receiving the items ordered.

Please remember that we are not some vast corporation, but a volunteer organisation with no full time or paid staff and although we will always endeavour to make a quick turnaround of orders we can make no guarantees of timescales but we will aim to keep you updated along the way.

Currently we aim to place any backorders (along with regular stock orders) with our supplier at the beginning of the next calendar month. We usually receive orders within 10-14 days and will then send out any backorders as time and manpower allows.

An example would be as follows:
You place a backorder for an item on October 10th, we order the item in for you at the start of November and receive it from our supplier around the middle of November, mailing it out to you as soon as possible. As you can see, depending on your location and local mail service it could be as much as two months from your initial order until you receive the item.

If the above is not acceptable to you then please do not place any backorders.