Ostara: Living Ostara Baskets

What better way to honor fair and gentle Ostara, than to leave a natural nest for her Hare?
In times past, our Folk left out a nest for Ostara’s Hare to leave colorful eggs and goodies as a reward for good behavior. Children would wake up Ostara morning to find Ostara’s Bunny eggs in their nests! This is a very simple way to make a lasting memorial to Ostara.


  • A basket: There are many baskets out there, the important thing is to ensure it can withstand being planted in. We used metal buckets that were decorated for Ostara.
  • Potting Soil: preferably organic.
  • Seeds: We used wild flowers, but you can use any flower/grass seeds you wish.


Fill the basket with potting soil.

Sprinkle the seeds—follow the planting instruction on the back of the seed package.

Spray with water. This is best from a spray bottle.

Set in a sunny window or, if you are in warmer climes, set in the sun outside.

Within a couple of weeks, you will have sprouts and soon flowers. It is ok if you don’t have blossoms by Ostara, it is the intent in such a natural act!

Once the flowers start to have a good start you can replant them. If you have used a natural material basket, you may be able to plant the whole thing in the ground. You could even hang your basket on a porch to exhibit Natures bounty.

It is as simple as that! What a wonderful Gift for Ostara and what a great reminder of our connection with our Mother Jorth.

Hail the New Awakening!

An Alternative Method

Make this Easter craft about one or two weeks before Easter. Then fill it with treats!

You’ll Need:

  • Cardboard milk carton
  • Poster board or card stock paper
  • construction paper
  • Stapler
  • potting soil
  • grass seed
  • plastic wrap

Cut and decorate a half gallon Milk carton with construction paper or acrylic paint. Make a handle with poster board and a stapler. Fill your container with potting soil and sprinkle on an ample amount of grass seed – Rye seed is the fastest. Water and cover with plastic wrap, or put in a large baggie. Let the basket sit in the sun, wait only a few days for grass to sprout, remove baggies, and add plastic eggs filled with goodies, or other wrapped candies. These baskets last a VERY long time and can be planted in the garden after Easter.

Kit’s Tip:

To avoid over watering, use a spray bottle to mist. The seeds must be kept moist but not soaked.

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